This POC Disney Parade Performer Is Receiving Backlash For Her Inauthentic Dancing

moana looking shocked (left), magic happens parade (right)

For BIPOC (black/indigenous/person-of-color) Guests visiting a Disney Park, there is more representation than ever before. However, for some Guests of color, the representation itself may not be as authentic as expected.

Credit: Disney

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From Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom to Disneyland Resort’s Disneyland Park, some of the most popular attractions are the parades. However, the Magic Happens Parade is one of the best examples of Disney live entertainment at Disneyland Resort.

Magic Happens

Credit: Disney

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The Magic Happens Parade is a celebration of Disney and Pixar animation’s most awe inspiring moments. The blend of Classic Disney stories, Disney characters in beautiful costumes, and stunning floats make this daytime parade a prime example of the Disney magic.

However, the float with the most is definitely the Moana float. The beautiful koa wood carvings coupled with seeing a beloved Disney princess in real life truly creates a magical moment for many Guests. However, the Moana performer’s dancing has created some controversy.


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In this video, we can see what the Moana performer’s dancing looks like unobstructed. To anyone who doesn’t know, this may look like a typical Polynesian dance. However, many Polynesian TikTok users have quickly pointed out that this isn’t the case.

One TikTok user, in particular, made a video response asking, “Why does this always happen?


#stitch with @leagafaiaboi09 you think you would save yourselves criticism by just using the people that represent these cultures disney??☠️??‍♀️

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It seems that Disney has yet to create the perfect representation for all Guests visiting Disneyland Resort. Although creating the ‘perfect representation’ can be difficult and unattainable, many fans feel that finding a performer who can adequately do a cultural Polynesian dance is the bare minimum.

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