Johnny Depp Co-Star Reveals the Shocking Truth About Her Experience Filming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Series

johnny depp as jack sparrow screaming (left), keira knightly (right)

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is easily one of the best Disney films inspired by a classic attraction, but there’s more discussion regarding these films than ever.

Fans of the series and the lovable character Captain Jack Sparrow (played by Johnny Depp) have been boisterous in their opinion: no Captain Jack, no audience. That being said, everyone is curious as to whether or the actor will return to play the character or not.

Pirates of the Caribbean

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Although the Pirates of the Caribbean series producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, has been open about how he’d love to work with the actor again, it seems that the controversy is proving too much for Captain Jack Sparrow to return. Despite the results of the defamation trial, it can’t be denied that Amber Heard’s allegations are difficult to shake from Johnny Depp’s reputation.

Controversies aside, it seems that Johnny Depp is no longer interested in returning for another Pirates of the Caribbean film, even if the Walt Disney Company offers a hefty paycheck. However, fans aren’t solely concerned about the return of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Orlando Bloom Pirates of the Caribbean

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Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) and Will Turner’s (Orlando Bloom) love story is legendary and immediately captivated audiences.  Many fans adore this romantic aspect of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and are just as interested in seeing more of their story…but Keira Knightley may not be as interested.

Johnny Depp

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In a recent interview with Harpers Bazaar, Keira Knightley spoke up about her experience playing Elizabeth Swann Turner in the franchise. She describes the role and how she felt about it in her interview:

“She was the object of everybody’s lust,” Knightley said. “Not that she doesn’t have a lot of fight in her. But it was interesting coming from being really tomboyish to getting projected as quite the opposite. I felt very constrained. I felt very stuck. So the roles afterwards were about trying to break out of that.”

The constricting experience of playing a character like Elizabeth Swann Turner, coupled with the controversy surrounding Johnny Depp’s return for another installment of Pirates of the Caribbean, may be enough to ward Keira Knightley off of returning herself. After all, it would be a risky maneuver for her career, and why take such a risk for a role she didn’t enjoy?

Pirates of the Caribbean

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Whether Depp returns or not, the outlook for audience approval on a sixth Pirates movie doesn’t look very promising. Will Keira Knightley reprise her role as the dainty Elizabeth? Only time will tell.

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