Fans Are Begging Disney to Put a Stop to Its Latest Trend

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge millennium Falcon
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Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Haunted Mansion, “it’s a small world,” Pirates of the Caribbean: what do these Disney rides have in common?

Not only are they considered the classic, quintessential Disney attractions, but they’re also totally original attractions with no intellectual property behind them. Each story behind these attractions was created by the Walt Disney Imagineering team, making the lore that much more interesting.

Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts

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These attractions can be found at Walt Disney World Resort’s Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Resort’s Disneyland Park. Both of these Parks are adorned with a beautiful castle at the entrance, welcoming Guests into the theme park.

As it turns out, Guests prefer their Legacy Castle Parks with as little intellectual property land as possible. For the most part, this mainly applies to Disneyland Park.

Disneyland Castle

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Walt Disney World Resort has a significant advantage over Disneyland Resort: space. There’s a reason why Walt Disney World is made up of four different Disney Parks while Disneyland Resort only has two, and it’s because one Resort has more property than the other.

As a result, Walt Disney World can spread its intellectual property-themed lands throughout its property (think of Toy Story Land, Pandora: The World of Avatar, and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge), leaving Magic Kingdom as classic as possible.

Disneyland Park does not have that luxury, meaning intellectual property-themed lands have to be shoved into the Legacy Castle Park…and Guests are tired of this trend.

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One Disney fan spoke up and shared their feelings on the subject. Replies agreeing quickly followed.

One Twitter user replied, writing, “Single IP Lands sound interesting at first…but it becomes extremely limited in attraction ideas and entertainment in the long run. Galaxy’s Edge has this problem where it such a nothing land with a really cool dark ride.”

Another wrote, “Realistically they can only work in a studios type park, and even then only if the premise of the park is ‘studio in the front, immersive IP-lands in the back.’”

Disney's Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land

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Throughout the thread, the general consensus was this: IP lands have no place in a Legacy Castle Park, and they take away from other theme park areas.

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