Think Disney Fans Want More Thrills? Think Again!

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From its beginnings, the Walt Disney Company has developed one of the most well-known reputations in the world. Anything with the name ‘Disney’ attached to it will be family-friendly, from movies to TV shows to attractions. Well, most of the time.

Whether they’ve visited or not, anyone who’s heard of Walt Disney World probably has this image of a theme park full of slow-moving baby rides.

Big Thunder Mountain Disneyland

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However, Disney fans are quick to point out thrill rides such as Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the recently closed Splash Mountain, Slinky Dog Dash, Twilight Tower of Terror, Expedition Everest-the list goes on.

Needless to say, Walt Disney World is full of thrilling attractions, and many Disney fans are quick to say that these are the best rides in the Parks…but according to the responses to a recent Reddit thread, the average Disney Guest prefers the slow-moving kiddie ride to an exciting thrill ride.

it's a small world Magic Kingdom

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After this Disney fan posted this question on Reddit, the responses poured in.

One Reddit user hits the nail on the head on why Disney Parks are the best family-friendly experience around:

I genuinely enjoy all off the rides at Disney including the slow/dark rides with no height requirement that would maybe qualify as kiddie rides. Nemo is great, Little Mermaid comes to mind, Three Caballeros, even Dumbo occasionally. That’s what sets Disney apart. At the state fair I buy ride tickets for my kids and watch while they go around in circles on some little contraption. At Disney we all ride together and everyone enjoys it.

Another Reddit user surprises with an unpopular, but valid opinion regarding the infamous Na’vi River Journey in Animal Kingdom, writing, “I love Na’vi River Journey, it’s like a break from sensory overload for me. Chill boat ride, dim lighting and pretty colors, calming music.”
Na'vi River Journey

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We can’t list all of them here, but according to an overwhelming number of responses, the best Disney World rides are made up of the average ‘kiddie ride’ such as Peter Pan’s Flight, Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid, the Jungle Cruise, “it’s a small world,” Pirates of the Caribbean, and of course, the Haunted Mansion.

The Little Mermaid

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Where do you fall on the spectrum of Disney fans? Do you prefer intricate dark rides? Or the fast-paced roller coasters? There’s no wrong answer, and the beauty of it all is that Walt Disney World Resort has an attraction for everyone!

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