Guests Are Sneaking Contraband Into Walt Disney World In an Attempt to Make the Visit More Comfortable, But at What Cost?

When it comes to Walt Disney World Resort, some of the biggest priorities are performance, experience, upholding Disney magic and immersion, and, most important of all: safety.

This is why there are so many security measures involved when it comes to visiting Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and even Disney Springs.

picture of each disney park side by side

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You may have noticed a security checkpoint at the entrance of each Disney Park and Disney Springs, with Security Guards checking Guests’ bags and strollers on occasion.

crowds at disneyland

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You may have also noticed a myriad of rules and guidelines, which may seem constrictive at first. However, each security measure and rule has been put in place solely for the purpose of keeping Cast Members and Guests safe.

But what happens when Guests purposefully break those rules?


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In this video, we can see a couple of Guests taking a break from the whopping three-hour lines by taking a seat on collapsible stools, which they had snuck into the Disney Park prior.

Collapsible stools like the ones in this TikTok are prohibited items at Walt Disney World Resort, despite how comfortable they may make the Disney vacation.


Credit: Disney Dining

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Bringing a prohibited item into Walt Disney World Resort could result in the item itself being confiscated at best and getting kicked out of the theme park at worst.

cinderella castle

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Although rules are no fun, it’s always important to remember that they’re put in place to keep everyone safe.

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