Fans DESTROY Banned Disney Guest

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You’d have to mess up pretty badly to get a ban at a Disney Park. Sadly, it does happen as some guests sometimes feel the rules do not apply to them.

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As Disney World and Disneyland are family brands, yes, even in Parks like EPCOT, where mass alcohol consumption has led to questionable decision-making by guests, stepping outside of their boundaries in terms of rules can, and will, get you a limited ban or in extreme cases, a lifetime ban from Disney property.

Just Follow the Rules, People

The easiest way to avoid getting banned from Disney Park is to simply follow the rules. Wear appropriate clothing, don’t steal, stay where you’re supposed to be, and do not bring in prohibited items. Also, no pooping in lines and no third-party tours

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Despite clearly laid out expectations when visiting Disney World or Disneyland, guests still find themselves banned from all of Disney property, including Downtown Disney and Disney Springs, for unruly behavior that impacts the experience of other guests or puts people in danger.

Honestly speaking, according to fansites and media sources, it seems that the poor behavior around Disney has increased post-COVID. There have been plenty of incidents of fights, ignoring rules, and even bathing in fountains in the World Showcase. It feels like every week, someone is doing something they shouldn’t be doing at Disney.

Disney Fans Will Defend Their Parks

The Disney faithful are a tenacious crowd who will defend Disneyland and Walt Disney World with extreme ferocity. When it comes to other guests breaking rules and creating unnecessary scenes at parks like Magic Kingdom or Disney’s California Adventure, they have little patience.

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Disney Parks are a place they hold sacred and close to their hearts; therefore, they have zero hesitance to let anyone who could disrespect Walt Disney or his theme parks know precisely how they feel.

A recent Reddit thread posted within r/Disneyland by user @Impressive_Cup_3441 is a great example of zealous Disney Park fans coming to the defense of their beloved company.

If You’re Banned, Don’t Ask How to Have Your Ban Overturned By Disney

Has anyone been banned from Disneyland?
byu/Impressive_Cup_3441 inDisneyland

The user in question needed a little advice from the Disney community regarding how to turn over a recent ban they received at Disneyland for trespassing. When confronted by other users who immediately assumed that the guest was discussing their own behavior and consequence, they replied that they were “asking for friend.”

Hilarity ensued as other users quickly jumped in to provide deep insights such as stories about “idiot” dad and uncles who sharing illegal substances, illegal drinking at Oga’s Cantina, and prayers to Walt’s ghost.

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Other users took a more serious approach, deeming the trespassing event disrepectful and uncessary, citing that they user should NOT attempt to reenter the property, as questions regarding how to come back to Disneyland arose within the communitie’s conversation.

As the original user went on to explain that he and a high school friend once jumped the turnstiles at Disneyland before they were rushed and tackled by security, many respondants suggests just kissing Disneyland goodbye for now, and maybe finding another theme park to enjoy.

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