Should Security Do More When Parents Physically Discipline Children at Walt Disney World?

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Parents choosing to discipline children with physical force is a sensitive, opinionated topic. Many try to be delicate and dance around the issue due to a strong cultural idea that the parents’ say over their own children is law…until it clearly isn’t.

When it comes to blatant child abuse, however, it’s not hard to identify, and it goes without saying that something so horrific should never be justified or swept under the rug. But child abuse should especially be eradicated from Walt Disney World.

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The Most Magical Place on Earth is meant for making memories that’ll last a lifetime, but some parents’ actions will make the wrong memories and can easily traumatize children for life.

A Guest recently visiting Walt Disney World Resort saw a child being hit by her parent, and they were so upset they shared their experience on Reddit.

Saw 6 year old writhing in pain in bathroom as mother slapped her multiple times
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Unfortunately, many Disney fans shared similar experiences. Although Walt Disney World Resort is the Most Magical Place on Earth, the magic can’t stop some people from being mean, rude, or downright cruel.

The truth of the matter is that it happens every day at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, and elsewhere on Walt Disney World property. Yet, security rarely intervenes, despite the company’s dedication to maintaining a ‘family-friendly’ reputation.

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Occasionally, however, there is a happy ending. One Reddit user shared one of their experiences in which Disney Security stepped in to save a child from blatant abuse. Reddit user u/Amelandre wrote:

Security does occasionally intervene. There was a woman a few years ago who snapped, her small child was crying and couldn’t stop and somehow their stroller overturned and the woman just kept dragging it with her small child being dragged along the hot pavement. She was arrested and charged with child abuse.

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Regarding the goal of “preserving the magic” (ultimately one of Disney’s largest priorities), Walt Disney World security should begin doing more to save children from being abused by their parents.

But unfortunately, child abuse is a complicated issue, and it must be noted that making a parent suffer the consequences of their own actions often worsens the level of abuse the children are facing to begin with.

We may not have all the answers, but you don’t need to have all of the answers to know that something like this should be stopped at Walt Disney World Resort.

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