Has Disney Pulled This POC Character Performer From Its ‘Magic Happens’ Parade?

Earlier last month, Disney Dining reported on the recent controversy surrounding Disneyland Park’s Magic Happens parade. Now, it seems that Disneyland Resort may have taken action…

Magic Happens

Credit: Disney

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When Guests first step onto Main Street, U.S.A., to see the beautiful Sleeping Beauty Castle in the distance, they’re probably thinking of all of the amazing rides they’re going to go on, the fun snacks they’ll eat, and of course, the fantastic parade performance.

magic happens returns

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It’s no secret that there’s no live entertainment like Disney live entertainment, and the Magic Happens parade is no different. The stunning floats provide a beautiful platform for beloved characters to come to life, dazzling young and old audience members alike.

However, the Moana character performer recently faced some backlash for the way she was dancing atop her float. Here is a clear video of the dancing itself.


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The Moana character performer faced backlash for her dancing, despite some prime factors that go into the performance. For one, the choreography is directly affected by the limited movement character performers have during parades.


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If you look closely enough, you can see that each character performer is attached to the parade float to prevent falling and getting injured in the worst-case scenario. Not only that, but many fans fail to realize that the dancing isn’t up to the Moana character performer herself; instead, a choreographer is the one to blame for inauthentic dancing.

Despite this, Guests recently took videos of the Magic Happens parade without the Moana performer, claiming that she was missing due to the backlash.

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Fans in the comments quickly debunked the silly joke, stating that all character performers were missing atop the stunning floats due to poor weather, as they could slip in the rain.

That being said, when Moana finally returns, will it be with updated choreography? Or will the dancing continue to upset Polynesian Guests watching the show? Only time will tell…

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