Heads Up! Even When This Inevitably Ruins Your Day, Disney Will Not Issue a Refund!

Cinderella Castle
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Visiting Walt Disney World can be the vacation of a lifetime! With four different theme parks and two water parks, there’s so much to do, and even more to choose from when it comes to picking out a Resort hotel to stay at.

Needless to say, one should always research your ideal vacation package before purchasing Disney tickets.

magic kingdom cinderella castle

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Park tickets, the Disney World Resort hotel, the provided transportation-everything involved in the Disney experience should be thoroughly researched beforehand to avoid any mishaps or misunderstandings.

But Florida should also be researched before booking a visit to Walt Disney World.

Rainy Day

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Volatile political state aside, Florida’s natural weather is incredibly unpredictable…in a predictable way, if that makes sense. In short, you can always expect to get caught in an unexpected rain shower when visiting Florida in the summer.

Although Walt Disney World may feel like its own isolated planet, the massive Resort is still located in Central Florida and subjected to the flighty weather.

lion in the rain

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So, when it comes to visiting a Disney Park in the summer, it’s best to simply prepare to experience the rain because you more than likely will.

It’s something that should be thought through before purchasing any Park tickets, because if there’s anything to know about a Walt Disney World ticket, it’s that you will probably never see a refund. Make no mistake, although it’s the Most Magical Place on Earth, there is no flexible refund policy when it comes to a Walt Disney World vacation.


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In this video, a frustrated Guest complains and states they “need a refund” because of their time lost waiting in line, only for lightning in the area to stop the ride’s operations.

It’s worth noting that a Disney Park may reward Guests with a free Lightning Lane opportunity but will never give Guests a refund due to inclement weather. When planning a Walt Disney World vacation for the summer, it’s best to be aware of this!

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