Another Slight Change to Disney App For Virtual Queue Process

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If there is one thing that causes a Disney fan’s anxiety level to escalate, it’s likely the process of snagging a virtual queue (AKA “boarding group”). If you aren’t familiar with the virtual queue process, it is available at select attractions where a standby line is not available – meaning you must snag a virtual queue pass at 7 am on the morning you’d like to ride the attraction. If you miss the 7 am mark, you can try again at 1 pm but there’s no guarantee the virtual queue will still be available, so you may be placed into a backup group. Currently, at Walt Disney World Resort there is only one attraction on the virtual queue which is Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance at Disney’s Hollywood Studio. The newest Disney Park attraction opening on October 1, Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, will also have a virtual queue. Over at Disneyland, Rise of Resistance virtual queue is present, as is a virtual queue for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure. Disney seems to be doing their best to simplify the process in hopes of providing Guests with the coveted boarding group number.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance (Credit: Disney Parks Blog)

We previously shared the news that Disney updated its My Disney Experience and Disneyland App to include a slight change to the boarding group process. Your party is now pre-selected and confirmed in your app. You no longer have to do all the checkboxes for your party, unless you tap “change party”. If you don’t need to change your party, you can simply tap “join virtual queue”. Your “party” in the app is made up of those you have linked accounts with on the My Disney Experience App, have a valid ticket AND a theme Park reservation for the same day. Then, they will show up in your “party” when adding yourself and them to the virtual line.

Star Wars: Rise of Resistance (Credit: Disney)

Reporter Scott Gustin took to Twitter to share the most recent update: “NEW: Disney made another small change to the virtual queue process at WDW and Disneyland. Starting 1 hour before the boarding group queue opens, you can now confirm your party. When the window opens, pull down or tap “refresh” to join the queue.” Gustin shared the following two screenshots:

Credit: Scott Gustin
Credit: Scott Gustin

Gustin goes on to share, “The change applies to Rise of the Resistance on both coasts and WEB SLINGERS at DCA. Just to be clear: If the VQ opens at 7 am, any time between 6-7 am you can confirm your party. You don’t have to do it right at 6 am.” Check out the video below to see the update in action:

We’re thankful for the updates to the virtual queue system, but don’t get too comfortable with the My Disney Experience App just yet. While Disney has yet to release WHEN we do know the Disney Genie is coming soon. With this new program, the complimentary Fastpass program is gone. A new upcharge called the “Disney Genie+” is on the way in, as well as “Lightning Lane“ for popular attractions. Not only will these Disney Genie changes be coming soon to the app, but Disney has said it will allow you to buy your way onto the Rise of the Resistance attraction with the “Lightning Lane” if virtual queueing doesn’t work. While Disney has yet to release the cost of the Lightning Lane rides, no one likes to pay to ride an attraction. Hopefully, this slight app change will help in landing a boarding pass so you can save your wallet from having to buy your way onto the ride.

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