It’s Time to Face the Truth: Disney FastPass Is Gone and It Is Never Coming Back

genie plus wins, fast pass is officially gone
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Whether you’re visiting Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort, hours of researching and planning is a requirement, not a suggestion.

After all, there’s picking out which Disney resort hotel to stay in, which Disney Park to visit, and on what day. You’ve got to make theme park reservations, as well as dining reservations, depending on your plans.

Even a visit to the Magic Kingdom can feel a little disenchanting when it comes with so much planning!

Disney veterans will remember that there was one step back in the day that was more fun and fatiguing, and that’s planning out which attractions to grab FastPasses for.

If You’re Still Reminiscing About the Good Old FastPass Days, You’re Not Alone

FastPass Distribution


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Disney’s FastPass+ system used to be entirely paper, then it was electronic, and then it was gone. But the remnants of the old system can still be seen around each Disney Park today. Signs that now hang outside Lightning Lane attractions used to read “FastPass+,” and kiosks that were seemingly useless used to distribute the paper FastPass tickets before they were removed entirely.

FastPass and FastPass+ were free systems, with FastPass+ allowing guests to plan attraction reservations in advance. But despite all of the positive reception from guests, Disney decided to do away with FastPass entirely, pushing Genie Plus (stylistically Genie+) and Lightning Lane reservations instead.

Say Goodbye to Disney FastPass and Hello to Lightning Lanes

fastpass sign

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While Disney Genie is free, Disney Genie Plus and Individual Lightning Lanes are paid services. The new system was implemented a few years ago, but if you’re still confused, you’re not alone.

Many guests criticize the new reservation system for being too confusing, too complicated, and, worst of all, too expensive. The system also relies heavily on knowing how to navigate the My Disney Experience app, which isn’t easy for everyone.

It’s a Hard Pill to Swallow, But It’s True

Disney Genie, Disney Genie+, and Lightning Lane

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As a result of the hostile reception, fans continue to beg the Walt Disney Company to revive its beloved FastPass+ system, but to no avail. Unfortunately, it’s time we accept the harsh truth: Disney FastPass+ is gone, and it’s never coming back.

How do we know? Walt Disney Imagineering just drove the final nail in the coffin:

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As Walt Disney Imagineering works to transform Splash Mountain into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, some other changes are being made: the former FastPass section for Disneyland Park’s Splash Mountain attraction has been officially torn down.

Unfortunately, the loss of Splash Mountain and its FastPass section signals the end of an era and the beginning of Lightning Lane’s reign.

Want to know the ins and outs of Disney Genie and Lightning Lane? Check out Disney Dining’s official guide here.

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