Disney Pressured to End Genie+ and Lightning Lane Once and For All

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Disneyland Guests are outraged over the treatment for Guests using Disney Genie+ and Lighting Lane.

Disneyland Resort, known as “The Happiest Place on Earth,” is a popular tourist location seeing thousands of Guests daily. Disneyland is home to two theme parks: Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park. Each Disney Park includes something for Guests of all ages and sizes to experience. Being this popular, Disneyland has made it where Guests can purchase Genie + or Lighting Lanes for attractions.

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At Disneyland, there are two main ways to experience an attraction: the “Lightning Lane” and the “Standby Line.” The Lightning Lane is a new paid service that allows Guests to bypass the traditional standby line and access rides more quickly. Disney Guests can either purchase Genie +, which includes Lightning Lane or Guests can just purchase Individual Lighting Lane for certain Disneyland attractions.

The Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane services work by allowing Disney Park Guests to make reservations for certain attractions in advance. These reservations can be made using the Disneyland app or at kiosks located throughout the theme park. Guests who have made a reservation for an attraction using Lightning Lane can bypass the standby line and use a separate entrance to access the attraction. Prices for the service vary based on the time of day and the popularity of the attraction. It should also be noted that you’re not guaranteed to be able to book a time to ride your favorite attractions as reservations can go quickly, especially for popular rides.

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While Guests who chose to use the Standby Line, which is the traditional queue, may wait longer than those who are going through the Lightning Lane, there are no extra fees. But, it seems that Disney is facing some pressure from Guests who are upset with the service.

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In a social media post, many have started to get angry with the treatment of Guests using the Lighting Lane instead of the regular Standby Line. In this post, Guests were waiting for a popular Disneyland attraction and they say the line was moving slowly. Though the regular wait time said 105 minutes, this Guest waited over two hours. When they got to the front, the Disney Cast Member was reportedly only allowing four Standby Line Guests to go at a time, filling the rest of the space with Lightning Lane Guests.

“Yesterday I noticed when we were in line for Guardians at DCA the line was moving rather slowly. Estimate was 105 min but it ended up being over 2 hours. As we made it into the front before preshow I saw the CM could only let 4 standby guests at a time MAX into the room, the rest was full of LL. Does anyone know why? (I get LL has priority) Preferably a CM explain it. I am honestly just curious because I never noticed it to be like that?”

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While Lighting Lane or Genie + does not mean you will be at the front of the line ,Guests who purchase will have an advantage over Standby Line, allowing them to pick a certain time and get on the attractions faster. Though many Guests have called for Genie+ to come to an end, it would seem that the controversial system is here to stay.

Do you purchase Genie + when you head to the Parks?

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