Top 10 Standby Attraction Lines At Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney

Standing in line is par for the course at Walt Disney World. Even with FastPass+ you’ll wait some, but if you ride standby you could wait for quite a while! That’s why the queues are important. There are some that will grab your attention and pull you into the story, if you let them. Here are ten of the best lines at Walt Disney World.

10. Mission: SPACE¬†–¬†Epcot

Epcot barely makes this list, although that will most likely change when the Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster opens. For now, arguably the best standby line is found at Mission: SPACE. It’s fun to pretend that you’re part of the behind the scenes arrangements for a real space flight, although all of the warnings might end the fantasy quickly.

9. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train¬†–¬†Magic Kingdom

This line would probably be higher on the list if you didn’t need to wait for so long! It can fun to be in the woods and feel like you’re in the Enchanted Forest. The queue is even better once you’re closer and you hit the interactive part. There are three different activities that you and those around you can take part in to help pass the time. Try to get others in line to participate in The Vault and see what happens!

8. Under the Sea ~ Journey of The Little Mermaid¬†–¬†Magic Kingdom

There are two impressive things about this line. First of all, it’s beautiful. Who doesn’t stop and take a picture of the waterfall? You’ll then explore the cavern that is underneath Prince Eric’s castle, which is exactly how you would picture it to be. Second, it’s interactive. You’ll help crabs to figure out what is treasure and what isn’t. You’ll also listen to jokes by Scuttle. The experience will make your wait go faster.

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7. Peter Pan’s Flight –¬†Magic Kingdom

Peter Pan’s Flight often has one of the longest standby lines at the Magic Kingdom. That wait became a whole lot more pleasant when the line was updated in 2014. The queue now takes you inside the Darling House. If you’re a fan of the movie you will love the details. There are some surprises along the way. To make your wait go even faster, download the Play Disney Parks App. It’s fun for your entire family. If you have FastPass+ you’ll miss all of this.

6. Haunted Mansion¬†–¬†Magic Kingdom

Another great interactive queue is found at the Haunted Mansion. There are several spooky surprises that you’ll be able to experience…if you dare. You’ll see words appear out of nowhere, help play haunted music, and even solve a murder mystery. It’s a little bit creepy but a lot of fun at the same time.

5. Expedition Everest – Legend of the Forbidden Mountain – Animal Kingdom

It does not take long for you to feel like you’ve left Florida and are in the Himalayas. You’ll wind your way through a store, Himalayan Escapes travel agency, a garden, and eventually through a museum. This is all to get you ready for your encounter with the Yeti. There are over 8,000 artifacts from Nepal that are part of the experience. You will truly feel like you’ve traveled halfway across the world.

4. Star Tours – The Adventures Continue¬†–¬†Hollywood Studios

You do not need to be a Star Wars fan in order to enjoy this line, but that will help you to better understand what is going on. If the line is long, you’ll wind through an Ewok Village outside. Once indoors, you’re in a Star Tours terminal. You’ll see some familiar faces in the first room, as well as ads for Star Tours destinations and the current weather reports. The second room contains two droids who are scanning different things (they’re both hilarious), some droids, and a window where you can see the shadows of people and creatures walking by. There’s something to watch every step.

3. Dumbo the Flying Elephant –¬†Magic Kingdom

If you’re tired but the kids are full of energy, you will not want to use FastPass+ for Dumbo! Instead of waiting in line, you’ll be given a pager. You will then wait indoors. Kids can take part in circus themed activities and blow off some steam, while the parents can sit down for a little while. You might be a little bit disappointed when your pager goes off and it’s time to ride.

2. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror¬†–¬†Hollywood Studios

If you want to truly feel like you’re in the middle of a story, you will love the line for Twilight Zone Tower of Terror! Everything feels authentic and frozen in time. There’s plenty of dust and spider webs to add to the effect. You’ll go through the lobby, then enter the library. Arguably the best part of the queue is the narration by the late Rod Serling. He was, of course, the voice of the classic show, and Disney seamlessly pieced together clips with his voice to make you truly feel as if you’ve entered The Twilight Zone.

1. Avatar Flight of Passage –¬†Animal Kingdom

Avatar Flight of Passage is possibly the most advanced ride at Walt Disney World. It also has one of the best lines. If the wait is long enough to be outside, you’ll enjoy beautiful views of the Valley of Mo’ara below. Once indoors you’ll wind through a cave that is filled with a bioluminescent glow. Next you’ll head into the lab. While it is desirable to get FastPass+ if you can, you’ll miss the lab if you do. There are all kinds of experiments that you’ll pass by, and this is also where you will see the floating Avatar. It’s an impressive line for an impressive ride.

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