Disney Announces MAJOR Change to Genie+ Service That Will Drastically Improve Guest Experience

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It’s time to rejoice!

It has been a couple of years since the Disney Genie+ service replaced the FastPass system in the Disney Parks. This service has been controversial with fans, primarily due to the fact that it adds an extra fee on top of the already surging ticket and accommodation prices. Many fans have felt like Disney has not been listening to fans regarding their complaints about the service. However, Disney has just announced a new modification that will drastically improve the Guest experience with Genie+.

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Plan Your Trip Like Never Before With Genie+

Disney Genie+ is an additional service that Guests can purchase to help make the most of their Disney vacations. Visiting Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort means waiting in long lines, but Genie+ and individual Lightning Lane selections help Guests ensure that they are riding their favorite ride or attraction, especially in the busier parks like Magic Kingdom Park or Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The service is available through the Disney apps to allow for planning on the go.

The Disney Genie service is priced based on a sliding price determined by Park crowds and the time of year. While the prices will still adjust based on the time of the year, Guests will now have the option of purchasing a park-specific option.

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Single Park Option Beginning Soon

Starting June 27, 2023, Guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort will have the option of purchasing either a single-park Genie+ or a multiple Park hop option, which is the option currently available. This will help Guests save some money if they are planning on only visiting one Park that day.

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Planning Genie+ Ahead of Time

Another major criticism of Disney Genie Plus is that Guests cannot plan their Disney Park day ahead of time. Unlike with FastPass, Guests are forced to plan and be on their phones during the day they intend to use the service or make an individual lightning lane selection. In the past, Disney said that they intended to make Genie+ and individual attraction selection something that could be planned ahead of a Guest’s time at the theme Park. While no announcement has been made on that as of now, this new change means that more could be underway very soon.

It is terrific to see Disney listening to Guest feedback. This new addition is likely to be a significant improvement to the Disney experience when it lands in Parks on June 27.

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