“Who Asked for This?!”: Why Fans Are FUMING Over Disney’s New Genie+ Policy

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This was not the update we were hoping for…

The release of the Disney Genie+ service changed the way visitors experience the Walt Disney World Resort and the Disneyland Resort. The Genie+ service allows visitors to gain access to individual lightning lane selections for a single day, ensuring a more streamlined Park experience. With the Genie+ service, Guests can help ensure that they can ride all of the attractions that they want to while on their vacation.

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Genie+ Sees a Major Change

Fans were shocked yesterday when Disney announced a significant new change coming to the Disney Genie+ service at Walt Disney World Resort. Yesterday, it was announced that Disney would begin offering a single-park option for their Genie Plus service. This means that Guests who plan on only visiting only one theme Park per day can pay a smaller amount. Those using a Park-hopper ticket can pay the regular rate that currently stands.

While this new feature is definitely not a bad thing, Guests are still confused as to why this was a priority for Disney. For years, Guests have been asking the Walt Disney Company to make the Genie+ system less complicated, and many feel this new change is just another layer of confusion for Guests.

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Who Asked for This Change?

After the announcement was made, fans began calling out the Disney Parks for not listening to their concerns. The main issue that fans wanted to be addressed by Disney was how complicated the Disney Genie service is to use. With the old FastPass system, Guests could plan ahead what they wanted to accomplish and ride in the Parks. The Genie+ system requires Guests to plan lighting lane attraction selections in the Parks on the day of their vacation, evidently ruining their Disney experience.

Guests took to Twitter to air out their concerns, saying;

Another fan @ryanmer says;

“I guess I can understand the logic behind this, but good god, yet another complicated planning detail to remember”

Disney has recognized that Guests are upset and issued a statement, saying;

Disney statement

It will be interesting to see what Disney does to amend this issue in the future.

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