Group of Guests Intentionally Poop on Disney Attraction, Area Shut Down

Walt Disney World Resort Sign
Credit: Inside The Magic

There may be nothing worse than this experience at Walt Disney World Resort, which caused an entire area to be closed down.

At the heart of the resort is the iconic Magic Kingdom, a place where fairy tales come to life, and guests can meet beloved Disney characters, explore fantastical lands, and enjoy thrilling rides such as Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom Park

Credit: Disney

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But the magic doesn’t stop there. EPCOT, another of the resort’s theme parks, takes guests on a journey around the world, featuring showcases of different countries, innovative technology, and a celebration of human achievement.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom, with its immersive animal encounters and adventurous expeditions, offers a unique blend of wildlife conservation and entertainment. Additionally, Disney’s Hollywood Studios provides an opportunity to step into the world of movies, with attractions inspired by popular franchises like Star Wars and Toy Story.

Beyond the theme parks, the resort offers a wide range of accommodations, from budget-friendly options to luxurious resorts, each providing guests with the highest level of service and a touch of Disney magic. Dining experiences at Walt Disney World are as diverse as they are delicious, with a wide range of restaurants and cuisines to suit every palate. From character dining to fine dining, visitors can savor unique culinary delights.

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Credit: Disney

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While Disney World is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” that doesn’t mean that every moment inside the Disney parks is exactly what you think it would be.

A Day at Typhoon Lagoon Goes Wrong

According to a guest sharing their experience at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon, there was a rather disturbing incident involving a group of young boys that caught the attention of Disney World park visitors and led to a quick response from park officials.

The usually family-friendly wave pool turned into a scene of shock when a cluster of boys, who appeared to be teenagers, gathered in the shallow end. What happened next left people in shock and disbelief.

typhoon lagoon water park sign walt disney hurricane Idalia world florida water park

Credit: Disney

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According to witnesses, these boys, in a rather odd and unpleasant display of behavior, decided to pull down their swim trunks and, in what seemed like a planned act, did something unsanitary in the clear water.

This event was quite unpleasant, and it ruined the enjoyable atmosphere that Disney works so hard to create in its parks. Visitors quickly left the pool, with many feeling shocked and disgusted.

“I was swimming in the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon when a group of boys gathered in a circle in the shallow end,” the guest said. “They all pulled down their trunks and pooped in the water together like some kind of horrible ceremony. I got out of there as fast as I could and told the nearest cast member, and the whole wave pool was promptly cleared out.”

The Disney Cast members, known for their commitment to making guests happy, responded very professionally.

They quickly got in touch with security and park management to handle the situation. The news of this alleged incident spread, and the entire wave pool area was cleared to ensure everyone was safe and that the park stayed clean and enjoyable.

Typhoon Lagoon

Credit: Disney

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This reported incident reminds us of Disney’s strong dedication to keeping the magical experience alive for guests, even when unexpected and unpleasant things happen.

If you have to use the facilities at a Disney park, please use one of the restrooms, conveniently located all over the place. If you have trouble finding one, please see your nearest Disney cast member, and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Have you ever experienced something like this at a park? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. I think that DISNEY is at fault because they allow all these people to act Dumb and pull stupid stunts. They need to them responsible for their actions and have consequences. I think that DISNEY Needs to have a strict rules. But they don’t do Disneyland and DISNEY world are both to blame. They allow fights , wearing inappropriate clothing, and leaving their kids unattended.

    • This is a disgrace.this is parents fault for bringing kids up with no morals they are probably from the ghetto.probably got in “free” somehow! No scum like that (and I don’t care HOW OLD THEY ARE) should be allowed in ANY parks PERIOD ……BUT DISNEY IS ALL ABOUT THE MIGHTY $$$$$$!

      • That’s where you’re wrong, their probably from the suburbs and spoiled little brats. I’m sure their parents were nowhere to be found. Disney is not to blame, this is a result of no discipline in the home, and kids doing what they want. Do a better job of parenting and this won’t happen.

      • It’s a little automatically buy us to say that they are probably from the ghetto more than likely they’re everyday young boys that are very likely to spoil and allowed to get away with things and not made to answer or be responsible for their actions they could be wealthy as anything it has nothing to do with where they live or how they live it’s how they were brought up and their lack of respect

      • Wow. Sure your name isn’t Karen? A misconception that ghetto people cause trouble is old and claiming they got in free somehow etc. Are you one of the ladies asking for proof of residency at the pool? Yes people like that should be banned. I’m sure they were. Too bad there is no way to ban solely on character, ugly minds and hearts bc boom you’d be banned too.

    • Please tell me that these boys were ejected and banned for life.

    • I guess you haven’t heard of Disney jail underground where unruly guest go until.the authorities pick them up or they are banned from the park according to their crime. And yes, teenagers are very unruly and need to suffer the consequences of their actions.

    • That makes no sense. Disney has very strict rules against clothing, swearing and misconduct, including dismissal from the park, lifetime bans, and fines and jail time. However they can’t tackle a group of teens to stop them, they just have to punish them accordingly. This blog has even done stories about people who have been made to purchase other clothing, or teens that have their entire family removed from the part over language.

      Where were the parents, you know, the ones responsible for the collosal waste of egg and seed who were crapping in the pool?

      Last time I checked, parents are legally responsible for minors in public places, not the venue or location.

      Your lack of ability for accountability is astounding, please don’t reproduce.

    • You are disturbed if you think responsibility lies in a corporation for young guys to act despicable especially with children present .
      They had NO respect at all when they planned it much less the innocent people who were there trying to enjoy time off their jobs with their families
      You are the reason this country is in deep despair

    • Only in Florida could Desantis hire a group of teenagers to desecrate the same entity he is currently fueding with.

      • Very creative how you managed to spread dis-information and blame DeSantis in the same ignorant post. They claim to moderate this board. Perhaps a banis in order.

  2. 'Sulley' Steven James

    They need to be banned from ALL theme parks, regardless of the affiliation (Disney, Universal, Busch, Six Flags etc.). If they are minors, perhaps they should have to clean the various toilets in the parks for part of sentence.

    • I was thinking the same thing. They should have to clean park bathrooms for at least 3 months. After that banned for life.

  3. Besides a lifetime ban from the parks, all parks, they and their families should be responsible for the costs for the cleanup plus the costs for everyone who had tickets for the park on that day. Idiots like this will learn nothing until it, physically or financially, hurts.

    • I totally agree Drew. Make the brats pick up the poop and make the parents pay for the rest of clean-up and compensate park goers. They should all be banned from all parks!

  4. That is disgusting. Hope these brats got in trouble for it.

  5. This is nothing new tbh. I have cleaned pee,feces,blood,and vomit on attractions many times. Most of the time the ride doesn’t get shut down I have sat in the car cleaning while the ride is running depending which ride. -Former Custodial

    • Theres a difference, though, between someone having an accident, which is likely fairly common, and a concerted effort by a group of brats who should know better. Yes, they should be punished – Banned, financial repercussions, etc. Disgusting. If my pre-teen ever did something like that (and I found out), I can guarantee he’d be grounded for life.

    • The families as well as the kids themselves need to be held accountable for their actions. They all need to be banned for life, parents included. And they need to pay for the costs incurred by Disney for sanitizing the area. If there are any criminal charges that would apply then that should also be done. Throw the book at them!!

  6. I don’t care who you are unless you’re a young child or have a medical disorder, this type of behavior deserves banning from all Disney parks everywhere for life!! Charges should be brought against them in court, they should do community service cleaning toilets in jails and be publicly embarrassed by all of this!! This is a psychological problem and is not funny at all!! It is disgusting!! They definitely deserve to banned for life, then they can explain to everyone why they’re never allowed at Disney for the rest of their lives!!

  7. I hope everyone of those hoodlums was caught, punished and banned for life. What a disgusting thing to do and it also ruined everyone elses day at that park. They should have to reimburse the cost of the ticket to each and every person that was there. When there is a price to pay for bad behaviior, maybe they will think before they act.

  8. Their parents should be charged for the clean up and the kids should be banned from all Disney parks everywhere.

  9. . . .All here is just my humble opinion..This is demonic , cro – magnon behavior.. inexcusable . if over age fifteen .the names should be placed on a worldwide watchlist and on a data base .. photos placed at every ticket booth ..a lifetime ban from every theme park , public pool areas , all public beaches … is necessary to publically shame them into oblivion.perhaps i.q.tests should also be mandated by a judge for all the offendors.. full mental evaluations on all
    . and their parents should be monetarily responsible for the cleanup make one wonder how their homelife is .. child protective services / humane society also .. should be all over this disturbing incident .😝💩👹💩💩💩💩…pronto.. time to waste ..removal from the home situation may be necessary.💢💨.placed in mental institution for years …☯️. bring back mental instutions too..too many loons running amok..👹…banned from all public eating places too ..all cafeterias as well employment around any children , elderly or animals either.. for life..☯️☯️☯️. 🙏🌐✝️🍀🕊☮️.

    • These are teenage boys, it wouldn’t have happened if it was an individual but a group, ya its disgusting and vile but involve CPS, have all the children removed from the house and prison for life? That’s a little strict for what they did. Make them clean all the bathrooms for a month, clean up trash on highways, there’s lots of things they could,

  10. It’s so sad these kids did this disgusting act ruining the rest of the day for other guests It’s not like you can get that image out of your mind.

  11. That is disgusting! If I was the parent of any of those involved, being banned permanently from any Disney Park or Cruise, would be the least of his worries!!!!🤬🤬

  12. Why shouonld we be surprised! Florida’s Governor Ronald Desantis has been PooPingon Disney ALL YEAR!! Great Teaching Moment Ron.

    • Keep politics out of this, Ron didn’t poop in the pool so do not put that poop in this mess. It is about society as a whole today. Somewhere, at some point it has become the fad to do shocking and bad things to get “views” on social media for this new generation. No moral behavior but it is money behavior. They know the more bad “crap” they do, the more their videos are viewed and YouTube pays them money because of sponsorships. Teenagers are making more than CEOs, Small Business Owners, Dr’s, Nurses, etc. All for doing HORRIBLE things that other people are spending 24 hours a day watching. Why is the new generation not willing to work??? because they can make YouTube videos for viewss all day long. I even saw where dealerships give out new trucks to a guy to destroy and burn up on his channel so he can have more viewers and subsribers to his channel because it is cool. We are never going back to the way it was when the children reapected parents, teachers, elders, or each other. It is now a selfish and greedy world so get ready for more poop in your pools, no matter who is running the damn government !

    • Ban this guy.

  13. Parents should Beat these kids senseless!!! ban them for life cleanup toilets in the parks ….. everyone pays big bucks to go to Disney and to see that happening is bad for a child let alone a parent …..

  14. Instead of just throwing them out, have them arrested. I’m sure the cops could come up with a few good charges. Also the park should figure out what having it shut down costs per hour & have them fined for that amount plus court costs.

  15. Let me guess the diversity of these teenagers that probably could be Obama’s sons!

  16. That is not true. I raised my kids to be respectful and accountable. After 18, I cannot account for what they do because their friend group has way more influence than me. Do you really think everybody that has kids that act up or break the law taught them that? Come on….It is a different time now. Not all behavior is taught or learned at home.

    • Don’t worry this was a made up story on Reddit and the author tweeked that tale. The tale was of young boys around age 10. Think about it.. can people, let alone a whole group of them all crap on demand. No. Even one person can’t unless they have to go at that time. The author dramatized BS and everyone believes it.

  17. The parents of these children should be made to pay the entire cost of the cleanup plus the revenue lost by the park. That might (but probably not) make them pay more attention to the actions of their children.

  18. I would hope the Disney organization would charge the parents for the cost of the chemicals and hourly rates for employees that have to clean and filter the wave pool and machines. Also ban the families from the park for life. It should be published to all parks of the incident.

  19. If I was head of security, I’d have made those little punks eat it!

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