Woman Claims She Sat In “Human Poop” at Disney

Woman Poop Disneyland
Credit: Bobbi Althoff Tiktok

When Guests visit the Disneyland Resort, they step into another world and a truly magical experience. At Disneyland Park, Guests can encounter a Yeti on the Matterhorn, ride the teacups with Alice, board a runaway train, and walk through a Castle. Head over to Disney California Adventure, and you can venture into Radiator Springs to meet Lightning McQueen, meet heroes like Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Thor, and Black Panther, and even join Goofy at his Sky School.

The placard above Disneyland’s entrance is a true one — “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow, and fantasy.”


Credit: Disney

Even though it seems like another world, Disneyland is still in the real world, and real-world — and disgusting — problems can seep into The Happiest Place on Earth. One social media influencer experienced something that was anything but magical.

TikToker Bobbi (@bobbialthoff) recently visited Disneyland, and she and her family went to Disney California Adventure Park. While there, Bobbi decided to sit down on a bench, which ended up being an incredibly bad decision. According to Bobbi, the bench she sat down on had actual human poop on it.

Well, Bobbi wasn’t going to walk around in pants with poop on them. So, she had to go into a merchandise store, buy a pair of new sweatpants, and throw her old pants into the garbage.

Many commenters were grossed out at the fact that a Disney bench had poop on it, but they were torn on whether they would have thrown the pants away. Bobbi said that the pants were made by Lululemon, which means they were expensive. One pair of Lululemon leggings typically will cost more than $100. A lot of people said that they would have purchased a new pair of pants, but would have kept the old ones since they cost so much. Others said they also would have thrown the pants away, regardless of how much they cost.

California Adventure

Credit: Disney

Now, Bobbi said she wasn’t sure how the poop got on the bench and then onto her pants. However, many people who have visited any Disney Park have surely seen many parents changing their children’s diapers on one of those very benches. We don’t know if that’s what happened, but it’s definitely the most likely possibility.

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