Best Vegan Quick Service Dishes at Disney California Adventure

Disneyland / Disney California Adventure
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When it comes to dining at a theme park, many people think that there is really not going to be much available outside of the traditional chicken tenders, cheeseburgers with french fries, and pizza. But Disneyland is not your traditional theme park — and there are hundreds of unique and delicious choices for anyone with any type of palette. For those who eat vegan, there are a ton of great quick-service options at the Happiest Place on Earth that will give you big flavors without sacrificing the time you want to spend riding your favorite attractions.

Credit: The Happiest Vegan on Earth

Award Wieners

Plant-Based Philly Dog

Award Wieners is one of the most popular quick-service spots at California Adventure, and for good reason. The hot dogs are delicious, and the filmstrip fries are soft and can be served with cheese sauce (for you non-vegans). Award Wieners has a great vegan option that comes in the form of a Philly Dog. The plant-based dog is topped with mushrooms, grilled onions and peppers, and dairy-free crema. It is served on a toasted bun and comes with either mandarin oranges or filmstrip fries.

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Concina Cucamonga

Tacos Dorados De Papa

Concina Cucamonga is located on Pacific Wharf, alongside the Pacific Wharf Café and Lucky Fortune Cookery. The quick-service location serves a number of classic Mexican dishes, one of them being the vegan Tacos Dorados De Papa. The crispy potato tacos are topped with cabbage slaw, dairy-free crema, and tomatillo salsa.

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Lucky Fortune Cookery

Impossible Bahn Mi

The Impossible Bahn Mi is a traditional Bahn Mi but is made with Impossible meat instead of pork belly. It is served with a Lemongrass-cucumber salad. It will also come with shredded carrots and jalapeños.

Credit: Vegan Disney Food

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Pym Test Kitchen

Impossible Spoonful

Pym Test Kitchen is the newest quick-service location in DCA and can be found in Avengers Campus. The theming is super fun and the portions can be…unexpected. While many of the dishes at Pym’s are not vegan, there is one option, and it is absolutely delicious. The Impossible Spoonful is Rigatoni and Ditalini Pastas, Plant-based Meatballs, Tomato Sauce, Dairy-free Parmesan, and Micro Basil.

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Shawarma Palace

Impossible Breakfast Shawarm-Up / Impossible Victory Falafel

This may be one of my favorite new additions at California Adventure. The Shawarma Carts not only are a perfect representation of all things Avengers, but they also have some amazing vegan shawarma. I am not vegan, but find both of the vegan options here to be the best menu options.

The Impossible Breakfast Shawarma is a great way to start your day at the Happiest Place on Earth. The Impossible Shawarma comes with an Impossible sausage patty, dairy-free American cheese, and an egg omelet wrap made with a vegan egg substitute. The shawarma is also stuffed with crispy potato bites and spiced maple syrup.


Credit: Happiest Vegan on Earth

The Victory falafel shawarma is great as either a midday snack, lunch, or dinner. The falafels are served in a cauliflower wrap, that is also stuffed with hummus, garlic spread, coconut-yogurt tahini, and pickled vegetables.

Studio Catering Co.

Plant-Based Backlot Nachos/ Potato & Soy Chorizo Tacos

The Studio Catering Co. food truck can be found in the Hollywoodland area of California Adventure, right by the Hollywood Lounge. There is rarely a long line, so you can head over and get your food pretty quickly. There are two great vegan options at Studio Catering Co.

The first vegan option is the Plant-Based Backlot Nachos, which also come in a non-vegan version as well. These nachos feature house-made tortillas topped with soy chorizo, dairy-free cheese, and créma and are then topped with green onions.


Credit: Happiest Vegan on Earth

Also on the menu are Potato and Soy Chorizo tacos. These delicious tacos are topped with a dairy-free créma and salsa de arbol. Big enough to satisfy your hunger but not get you so full that you don’t feel like riding Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout!.

We hope that you found this vegan dining list helpful for your next trip to California Adventure. Quick-service meals are a great way to get an amazing meal, while not sacrificing too much of your ride time.

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