Young Girl’s Interaction With Dora Milaje Goes Viral and It’s Pure Disney Magic

Dora Milje
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On June 4, 2021, a brand-new land opened at Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort — Avengers Campus. The new campus brought more MCU characters to the Park than Guests had ever seen before, like Iron Man, Loki, Thor, and Ant-Man. In addition to all of the incredible meet and greets, Guests can also help Spider-Man save the Campus on WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, and eat a pretzel the size of a laptop at Pym’s Test kitchen. There are also a ton of great shows that happen throughout the day, like Dr. Strange and the Mystic Arts, which happens in the Ancient Sanctum.

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One group that you can see perform is the Dora Milaje. The ancient female warriors protect the kingdom of Wakanda and serve as personal bodyguards to King T’Challa and the royal family. The Dora Milaje come out several times during the day and show Guests how to fight like them, as well as teach what it means to be a protector and what we can all do to make the world around a better place.

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One girl’s recent interaction with the Dora Milaje on her visit to Disneyland is catching the attention of tens of thousands of people for how absolutely adorable it is. The young girl is pulled from the audience to speak with the head of the Dora Milaje — who asks her a series of questions. One of those questions is “What makes you strong young one?” and the girl replies “my love for others” and people in the audience gasp when they hear it. In a time when loving others seems to be fading, her honesty is something that we can all learn from.

You can watch the video below that was shared by TikToker @drakeandjoshfan001 — but you may want to have some tissues handy, just in case.

The most precious little warrior got to train with the Dora Milaje at Avengers Campus on Christmas Eve?


The most precious little warrior got to train with the Dora Milaje at Avengers Campus on Christmas Eve? #fypシ #disneyland #avengerscampus #doramilaje

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It is so important for young children to have people to look up to, and it is wonderful that this young girl sees the Dora Milaje as women to look up to. This young girl is proud of who she is and who they are and her attitude and beliefs are some we can all admire.

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