Defecation at Disney: Numerous Reports Surface of Guests Using the Parks as a Public Bathroom

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In a recent series of shocking incidents that have left the Disney Park community appalled, a disturbing trend has come to light – a number of theme park Guests have allegedly been caught engaging in acts of public defecation during their visits to the esteemed Disney Resorts. This deplorable alleged behavior has not only caused distress among both staff and fellow visitors at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort, but it has also raised serious concerns about the deteriorating standards of decency and respect within our society.


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A Disturbing Trend Comes to Light

There is a reason why Disney theme parks worldwide have remained cherished and popular vacation destinations for decades. Disney theme parks and resorts are loved because they offer world-class entertainment in a safe and spectacular setting. At Disney, many fans can feel as if the worries of the world melt away around them.

Unfortunately, that message of peace and happiness doesn’t always resonate with every guest. In recent years, more and more deplorable behavior from park visitors has come to light on social media. For many, the sanctity of the Disney Parks, known for their enchanting experiences and magical moments, has been blatantly violated by these individuals.

These latest reports of public defecation are truly horrifying if they are real. Such scandalous actions not only tarnish the reputation of the parks but also bring about a complete disregard for the well-being and comfort of others. Never before have families and children who flock to these beloved destinations anticipated having to witness or deal with such unsavory and unsanitary behavior.

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Guests Share Personal Accounts

News source SFGate recently compiled a startling number of guest complaints that have happened this year. According to these guests, numerous instances of public defecation have happened at Disney in recent months. One account even alleged that a parent let their child use the restroom in the middle of a ride queue. Talk about ruining the public’s experience!

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It is disheartening to witness these instances unfold, as the values instilled by Disney – joy, kindness, and courtesy, seem to have been cast aside by these few offending Guests. This sort of behavior not only disrupts the carefully curated ambiance but it also poses health risks and creates an uncomfortable environment for everyone present. Another account, which we previously reported on here at Disney Dining, claims that some Guests intentionally did this act.

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One can only wonder what drives an individual to stoop so low as to defile a public space meant for the enjoyment of all. The motivations behind such acts remain unknown, but it is clear that they run contrary to the principles of respect, hygiene, and basic decency.

Apparently, the situations are also cataloged in the book Cleaning the Kingdom: Insider Tales of Keeping Walt’s Dream Spotless. This book, which was written by two former Disneyland Resort custodians, includes a story of a woman who allegedly pooped in the control room of the Indiana Jones attraction at Disneyland Park.

While these incidents paint a dismal picture, it is crucial to remember that they are, unfortunately, the actions of a minority and do not reflect the behavior of the vast majority of Disney Park Guests. The overwhelming love and admiration for these magical places are still felt by countless individuals who appreciate the importance of cherishing and respecting the cherished spaces they visit.

These incidents and this discussion serve as a harsh reminder of the need to uphold the values of respect, hygiene, and consideration for fellow visitors. It is the responsibility of park management, guests, and society as a whole to ensure the sanctity and purity of these beloved destinations are preserved while fostering an environment of joy, enchantment, and unforgettable experiences for all who enter.

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  1. Truthfully I’m surprised there are not more reports of a rise in these type incidents. With how people comment about line cutters, telling others they should have used the restroom first (which they probably did), just being rude, harrassing someone trying to get back to their family, etc., I’d be scared myself to get out of line, then try to get back to my family. And if you’re waiting an hour or two, no, you don’t want to keep getting out of the line, and joining back to the end each time a member of your party may need to use the restroom. At that rate, you’d maybe get to ride one or two things in a day. Until people start behaving like they have some sense and kindness, these parks are not the place to go anymore. Too much rudeness, hate, and judgement ruining the fun. Yes, the few can ruin it for everyone.