Family Jumps Off of Space Mountain at Disney

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Roller Coasters like Space Mountain are some of the most popular rides at Disney. However, as one family found out, they can also be dangerous if you don’t follow the rules.

Safety seems to be a second-rate consideration for many guests of Disney Parks nowadays. Whether jumping in fountains, fist-fighting other guests, or jumping out of ride vehicles, the problem of unruly guests at Disneyland and Walt Disney World has been a black eye to the Disney community lately.

As guests continue with their puzzling behavior, Cast Members are forced to try to enforce strict safety standards that are often ignored. This creates situations in which serious injury or even death could occur simply because certain visitors to Disney Parks feel as if rules do not apply to them.

Disney is a place designed to help alleviate whatever external noise you’ve been listening to. The worry and stress of everyday life melt away for many as they enter Magic Kingdom or Disneyland Resort. It’s a happy place that warms the heart and allows guests to live out their favorite Disney stories.

guests-hop-off-space-mountain inside the magic

Credit: TikTok @heartandsaultravel

Out of Disney World’s four parks, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and the several Disneyland’s dotted around the globe, one of the most insanely popular rides you’ll find is Space Mountain. When it comes to Disney roller coasters, Space Mountain is high on the list for many.

The seemingly fast-paced coaster shoots guests through space, turning and churning its way down the track while flying by stars and planets. Originally built at Walt Disney World in 1975, Space Mountain quickly became a jolting success among guests and has since made its way to several Disney parks worldwide.

Space Mountain Tokyo Disneyland

Credit: Disney

Although Space Mountain often seems much faster than it’s actually going, it can be a dangerous place if guests don’t follow the rules. Often, we hear stories of guests who have hit their heads or hands as they barrel down the tracks, but it’s difficult to confirm these stories.

Space Mountain is a suspended track, meaning you start at a high elevation and make your way down. Even if you aren’t injured by extending your arms outside of the ride vehicle, a fall from the track could be devasting. For this reason, Disney insists that guests stay put within the roller coaster, even if the ride malfunctions.

Exterior space mountain

Credit: Disney

Although ignoring the ride rules and Cast Members at Disney attractions like Space Mountain can put you in extreme danger, it could also impact the experience of all the other guests on the ride or waiting in line. However, this doesn’t seem to be enough to stop some people from taking matters into their own hands.

That’s exactly what happened recently at Disneyland when a family exited their ride vehicle on Space Mountain. Caught on TikTok by user @heatandsaultravel, guests can be seen disembarking their vehicles themselves.


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It should go without saying that this type of behavior is incredibly dangerous and can earn you a one-way ticket out of the park with no chance of returning.

As Space Mountain, similar to other roller coasters you’ll find in theme parks across the world, can be dangerous if rules aren’t adhered to, guests who exit their vehicles can face extreme consequences. The ride’s extreme popularity lends itself to the jerking motion of shooting downhill as you return to the ground. Because of this very motion and the height at which someone is traveling, death is a serious concern for anyone who tries to exit their vehicle.

Although Space Mountain originated at Walt Disney World in Magic Kingdom, the indoor roller coaster’s popularity all but forced Disney to build multiple versions of the ride. Following Disney World’s lead, Disneyland would see its own version of the ride open in 1977.

space mountain magic kingdom

Credit: Disney+

There are five different versions of Space Mountain that Disney guests will find around the world. Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney, and Hong Kong Disneyland are all home to their own take on the popular ride.

Guests to Disney Parks can find the most unique version of Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris. This version is the only exciting variant of Space Mountain that includes inversions and a high-speed launch, ranking it the best out of all five.

No matter what version of the ride guests are on, the top rule to keep in mind is always to keep your arms, feet, legs, and every other part of you inside the ride vehicle. Sadly, as poor guest behavior seems to continue, it’s only a matter of time until someone is seriously injured. Anyone who’s ever seen Space Mountain with the lights on can attest to how dangerous it could be.

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