Nerve-Wracking Video Shows Guest DANGLING Out of Ride Vehicle, Face Down In the Water

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In nearly every case, Walt Disney World Resort remains faithful to its tagline, ‘The Most Magical Place on Earth.’ But if you were to ask us, we might call it “the safest place on Earth.”

Walt Disney World Resort: The Safest Place On Earth

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Although this can’t be said for every theme park, nearly any Disney guest will faithfully trust that the attractions and experiences are tried and true, and have been thoroughly tested to ensure the highest safety measures possible.

Not only is each Disney experience and attraction tested until it’s as safe as possible, but Disney security also works incredibly hard to ensure each guest is safe while visiting the theme parks.

In fact, recent upticks in guests stealing from other guests have even led Disney theme park security to add an extra security measure, ensuring each guest’s money and sensitive information remains safe.

We Need to Accept the Truth: Walt Disney World is Only as Safe as We Make It

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But the harsh truth is that Walt Disney World Resort is only as safe as we allow it to be. That is to say, Walt Disney World is only entirely safe when we follow the rules while visiting. After all, much of guest safety is controlled not by security, but by fellow guests.

There’s a reason why the Walt Disney Company prohibits a myriad of items, ranging from obviously dangerous to seemingly benign. Each Disney Park prohibits items such as weapons, firearms, drugs, and alcohol…but the Walt Disney Company also prohibits certain strollers, certain noise-makers, certain bags, and certain mobility devices. It may seem arbitrary, but it’s all for the sake of keeping guests safe!

But the most important rules are also the rules that are most commonly broken. We’re talking, of course, about the rules regarding Disney attractions.

The Most Important Disney Rules Are the Ones That are Broken More Often Than Others

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We’ve all heard the spiels about refraining from flash photography, fastening our seatbelts, and staying in our seats during Disney attractions. While Disney security may be enforcing the most dramatic rules, it’s the average Disney Cast Member enforcing the most important: remain seated throughout the Disney experience.

One video has been circling around, showing a guest breaking this very rule, dangling out of the ride vehicle and subsequently putting himself in an incredibly dangerous position:


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In this video, we can see a guest dangling out of one of the ride vehicles on Magic Kingdom’s “it’s a small world” attraction. As he leans out of the ride vehicle, the guest is facing down, toward the water.

If the ride vehicle were to begin moving unexpectedly, the guest could fall and become caught in the attraction’s underwater railing system. Even without the ride vehicle moving, the guest could easily lose his grip on the underwater railing system and fall. In any case, this behavior may appear to be simply unruly, but the truth is that it could be incredibly dangerous.

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