Change Is Coming: Disney FINALLY Addresses Bad Guest Behavior

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The Walt Disney Company finally has addressed one of the biggest problems plaguing Guests.

When people think of Walt Disney World Resort, they often conjure up images of smiling children, iconic characters, and whimsical attractions. While Walt Disney World is indeed a magical place, there, unfortunately, exists a dark side to this beloved theme Park: bad Guest behavior.

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Bad Guest Behavior Plagues the Parks

The Walt Disney Company prides itself on creating a truly immersive and enchanting experience for visitors from around the world. In all of Disney World’s four main parks – Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney Animal Kingdom – every element is meticulously designed to transport Guests to a realm filled with wonder and joy. However, there are some Guests who seem to forget the spirit of Disney.

Bad Guest behavior has been an increasingly lousy issue at Walt Disney World Resort. And it’s not just the Florida theme Park that is having issues, Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, has had its fair share of situations as well. From hurling insults at Cast Members to disregarding common courtesy towards fellow Guests, these instances tarnish the reputation of Disney Parks.

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Disney Is Concerned About the Situation at Hand

For a while, it has seemed that Disney was not very concerned about how irritating some of this behavior really is for Guests. Many Guests are hesitant to continue visiting Walt Disney World if this kind of behavior continues in such a manner. However, we now know that Disney is, in fact, concerned about how this is affecting its public image.

One Guest was taking a post-visit survey on the Disney Parks website when an interesting question popped up. The question says:

“How much do you agree on disagree with this statement: 

The behavior of other Guests had a negative impact on our visit to Disneyland Park.”

This post visit survey had an interesting question I haven’t seen before.
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This means that Disney is definitely aware of the issue and is currently seeking data on how this issue is affecting Guests. Hopefully, this means that Disney will take action and implement harsher repercussions on Guests exhibiting this kind of behavior.

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