Is “Poor Parenting” on the Rise at Disney Parks? Fans Weigh In

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Between the “Happiest Place on Earth” (Disneyland Resort) and the “Most Magical Place on Earth” (Walt Disney World Resort), each Disney Park welcomes thousands of guests daily, making millions of visitors yearly.

But some guests behave better than others.

Disney Park Guest Behavior

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According to recent guest reports, “poor parenting” is rising in Disney theme parks, making for a worse customer experience than in previous years.

One anonymous guest shared one of their experiences on Reddit, describing a surreal instance in which another guest’s child reportedly kicked them over and over. When they politely asked the child’s parent to intervene, they were met with inconsiderate and selfish behavior. Here’s what we know…

Everything We Know About the Situation…

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The guest was visiting Disneyland Resort and riding the Disneyland Railroad attraction when a pair of siblings, “probably aged 4 and 6,” were “physically fighting” beside them.

Allegedly, the 6-year-old began “fully kicking” the guest “several times.” The guest then turned to the children’s mother and reportedly asked, “Excuse me, could you ask your son to stop kicking me please?”

However, the mother “glared” at the guest, told them, “There will be kids at Disney,” and did nothing to intervene, according to the guest’s report.

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As the Disneyland Railroad pulled into the station, the mother found a cast member and complained about the anonymous guest. They write:

Is this a generational, Millennial parenting thing? (I’m a Millennial but with no kids). Or a post-COVID lack of manners and understanding of being in public thing?…I feel like I’ve seen this at the Florida parks more recently as well. To be clear, I don’t blame CMs I blame the parents.

Here’s the full Reddit post:

Poor parenting at Disney parks
byu/solojones1138 indisneyparks

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort alike are no strangers to entitled guest behavior.

But even with the countless stories Disney Dining has reported on regarding guest behavior, some stories still manage to surprise us.

Reportedly, “Poor Parenting” Isn’t Just a Disney Park Thing…

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And it’s not just in the Walt Disney Parks! Another Disney fan added to the thread, “I’m a kindergarten teacher. Poor parenting has been on the rise everywhere since COVID.”

We’re not sure if that’s more or less comforting.

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Please note that the stories outlined in this article are based on personal customer experience accounts. No two Disney guest experiences are the same, and the views expressed in this article do not necessarily align with Disney Dining’s views on Walt Disney World operations.

Have you ever witnessed “poor parenting” while visiting a Disney Park? Let us know about it in the comments!

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  1. The only thing that has changed is now we have strangers with cell phone cameras trying to parent other strangers kids. The video everything they think the parent is doing wrong and then post it on social media so other strangers can beat up on those parents and tell them how they are not good parents because they don’t raise their children like the other stranger does.

  2. I was in line for Monsters Inc. at DCA and this kid was playing on the rails and kicked me. I didn’t say anything since it was an innocent mistake, but the father whooped that boy right in front of me LOL Let’s just say, it put a stop to his misbehaving real quick. Sure, my dad would have done the same, but it was strange seeing a kid get hit at the parks.

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