GROSS! Guests Turn EPCOT Fountain Into a Swimming Pool

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The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is renowned for its magical experiences, top-notch attractions, and unforgettable memories. From the enchanting Magic Kingdom to the international immersion at EPCOT, there is something for every visitor to enjoy. However, recent incidents involving Guests have raised eyebrows and cast a dark shadow on the beloved Disney Parks.

Guests Exhibit Disturbing Behavior at EPCOT

EPCOT, short for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, is a unique theme Park that combines innovation, culture, and entertainment. This Park has so much to offer; everyone can find something they like at EPCOT.

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For Guests, EPCOT can be a relaxing and tranquil getaway unlike any other. However, all it takes is one group of obnoxious Guests to ruin the enjoyment of a perfect Park day. Despite its calm reputation, EPCOT is not immune to bad Guest behavior.

This year, there have been numerous reports of bad Guest behavior at EPCOT, specifically bad behavior connected to the Park’s beautiful fountains. These fountains are meant to be visual attractions, but it seems that Guests cannot help themselves from trying to take a swim.

PSA: Fountains Are Not Pools!

Earlier this year, the internet went wild over a viral video that showed a group of cheerleaders taking a dip in one of EPCOT’s fountains. People were disturbed by the team’s bad behavior and lack of respect for the Park. Disney was also angry, and as a result, the team was disqualified from their cheer competition.

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Credit: @tmac2088, @tmac2088/ TikTok

Now, more Guests have decided to take a dip in the “Forbidden Fountain at EPCOT.” A Disney Parks vlogger was roaming the Park when he captured a video of these Guests dipping their feet in the fountain. 


The things you see at the Forbidden Fountain at Epcot 🤦‍♂️ It’s not a swimming pool people lmao. It’s the parents not caring that really gets me annoyed 🫠 #epcot #epcotfountain #disneyworld #disneyworldflorida #disneytiktok #distok #distokfam #disneyparks #disneyparkstiktok

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Once again, it seems that Guests need a reminder that these fountains are not meant to be used as pools. This poses a major liability for Disney, and doing this can get Guests in trouble with the Walt Disney Company.

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