Disney World Given Warning in Competition With Universal

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Walt Disney World Resort is reportedly falling behind Universal Orlando Resort as the two prepare for a major competition in the coming years.

Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort are two popular tourist locations in the world of theme park entertainment, each offering a unique experience for guests. While Disney World has long been the reigning champion in the theme park industry, Universal Orlando has been making significant strides in recent years, giving Disney a run for its money.

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With its iconic Cinderella Castle, beloved characters like Mickey Mouse, and immersive storytelling, Disney World has been the epitome of family-friendly enchantment since its opening in 1971.

It boasts four major theme parks, a vast array of resort hotels, and a loyal fanbase that has made Disney a top competitor.

Cinderella Castle

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On the other hand, Universal Orlando is coming in hot with updates and building new lands.

Universal Studios Florida opened an all-new land called Minion Land, featuring a new attraction, and shops for guests. In addition, DreamWorks Land is well under construction and there are numerous rumors for what might be coming next to both Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

wizarding world of harry potter

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Universal Orlando is not just stopping with new lands. They are in the process of building a all-new theme park, called Epic Universe. This new theme park will feature SUPER NINTENDO WORLD, an addition to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Classic Monsters, and a How to Train a Dragon land.

The announcement of Universal’s new park leaves Disney guests wondering what Disney will do next. Donald tweeted on X (formerly known as Twitter) that Disney does not need to follow in Universal’s footsteps.

Though IP has been a major part of both Universal and Disney, it should be noted that Disney CEO Bob Iger has been big into adding IP to the parks, and the company has already teased major additions that could include Encanto (2021), Indiana Jones, Coco (2017), and others.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is set to replace It’s Tough To Be a Bug! with a Zootopia-themed attraction.

tree of life in walt disney world animal kingdom park

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Universal has shown a willingness to adapt quickly, bringing new attractions and experiences to its parks, while Disney’s projects often have longer lead times.

Another difference between the two, especially as of late, has had to do with the timing of constructing. Disney’s projects, such as TRON Lightcycle/ Run and the refurbishments at EPCOT, seemed to “drag” on, while Universal nearly constructed a new theme park in the same amount of time.

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It will be interesting to see what kind of steps Disney takes in the future, especially as it looks to compete with Universal in 2025 and beyond.

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