Disney Food Fails Go Viral

Viral Disney food fails
Credit: TikTok/@HerraraShow

We love Disney food. Of course we do. We are Disney Dining, after all! But we’d be lying if we said everything we’ve ever had was perfectly presented and tasted amazing. We’d have to watch out for lightning strikes if we said we always think Disney food is a great value. Nevertheless, it is overwhelmingly more good than bad. But when it’s bad, it’s truly awful (lookin’ at you, Orange Bird Sipper). Sometimes Disney food fails can even be downright hilarious!

Orange Bird Sipper Disney food fails

Credit: Jill Bivins

Just ask TikToker Leo Herrara (@herrerashow). His wildly popular TikTok series highlights not only Disney food fails but the people who buy them. By people, he means Disney Adults, who he takes aim at mercilessly throughout the series. “Don’t ask me why, but I love watching Disney Adults get disappointed by the food at the theme parks,” he says in his first video of the series. “Maybe because it feels like a proper punishment for being a Disney Adult.”

Disney food fails

The viral video has amassed 3.9 million views and 609,000 likes, many from the very Disney Adults he skewers in his video. Hey, as the saying goes: “If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?” His videos have taken on some of Disney’s more…unique food offerings, like the $14.49 Daisy’s Dressed Up Dog, the $6.49 Spicy Chile-Cheese Churro, and the $11.99 Mac & Cheese in a Bread Bowl. He also tackles the gumbo in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, something a Cast Member blamed white people for ruining. Herrara called it “flavorless,” “unseasoned,” and dubbed it “grey gumbo.

Disney dining plan

Credit: Disney

Nowhere is safe. He positively rips Disney World’s newest restaurant, Space 220, to shreds. He says Disney ought to have spent less time on the screens and more on the food, calling the restaurant a space cafeteria. The candy clothespin cocktails were a particular source of ridicule. Herrara said, “They’re not even trying!”

Herrera doesn’t just stop at Disney food fails, either. He critiques the souvenirs as well. One video is captioned: “Disney Scams: $20 Balloons should come with racketeering charges.” Laughing, he calls Disney Adults suckers and says the idea of “pixie dusting” balloons at the end of a trip is “genius marketing,” saying, “Just, yeah, give somebody your trash. Brilliant”

Credit: DisneyDining.com

The viral TikTok series has garnered a lot of support. Many Disney Adults even expressed support for the series. Yet others have come out in defense of Disney Adults. The overwhelming sentiment is, “If this is how they choose to spend their money, so what?” You can check out the first video in his Disney Food fails series here (language warning).


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