Cast Member Blames White People For Ruining Disney

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Disney World has long been a foodie’s paradise. It was always the exception to the dreaded “theme park food,” and we still think it is! There has been a decline in food quality, portion size, and according to some, flavor. One Cast Member took to TikTok to reveal why.

Rylee Burchfield (@itsmeryleeb) is a Food and Beverage Cast Member at Walt Disney World and recently went on a viral rant about how white people have ruined the food. She claims that white people have complained about salty fries being too “spicy.”

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White people ruin disney

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“The number of times a white person has come up to me and complained about the spiciness of their salted french fries is astounding,” Burchfield said. “I’ve had people order the spicy chicken sandwich, come up to me ten minutes later, and say, ‘That was spicy.’” She then sarcastically added, “oh really? Was the spicy chicken sandwich spicy?”

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She alleges that because of this, Disney now lies and calls the spicy chicken sandwich spicy, but in reality, it’s just a plain chicken sandwich. She also said this is why French fries are not salty anymore. She went on to say that the same thing happened when she was a Cast Member at Disney’s Port Orleans Resort (she did not specify which one).

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According to Burchfield,  white people have apparently ruined Jambalaya as well. She says, “They took the jambalaya from jambalaya. Now it’s just rice, beans, [and] pork. No seasoning. It was heartbreaking.” It is worth noting that there is no Jambalaya to remove from this dish. Jambalaya is just a name for a dish that consists of meat (usually andouille sausage, but sometimes chicken, seafood, and even rabbit), Sofrita vegetables (peppers, onions, and celery), and seasonings (usually paprika, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, oregano, onion powder, sugar, and salt).

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She ended the video by saying, “So next time you’re at Walt Disney World and you’re eating food…and you taste nothing, you know who to thank.” In the caption, she specified that she is white herself and not intending to hate anyone but says “but like…grow up. Drink some water and stop ruining things”.

White people disliking season is a common trope and longstanding stereotype. Is there any truth to it? Not in this foodie’s opinion but according to Burchfiel, there is. You can check out the video in it’s entirety here.


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