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Quinoa Burger
Credit: Space 220 Restaurant

EPCOT is home to many wonderful table service restaurants that whisk Guests away to all corners of the Earth to enjoy an array of American and international flavors, but only one location blasts Guests off into somewhere even more incredible. Space 220 Restaurant can be found in World Discovery (previously part of Future World) adjacent to Mission: SPACE and welcomes Guests to dine on lunch and dinner aboard the Centauri Space Station two hundred and twenty miles above the Earth.

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Space 220 Restaurant is a highly immersive experience requiring a reservation that begins immediately after Guests enter through the main doors and into the lobby where neon blue lights, futuristic décor, and signs advertising how the experience will elevate their dining welcome them. The signs and screens in the area give the first glimpse of the Centauri Space Station and Guests are soon provided with their unique tickets to travel to outer space.

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The journey into the stars then begins aboard the Stellarvator which offers up the unique opportunity to gaze out several “windows” depicting the journey from Earth to the Centauri Space Station. As Guests ascend, they can gaze down through a large window that showcases the Walt Disney World Resort, EPCOT, and Spaceship Earth disappearing in the distance as well as an upper window that shows the station whisking into focus amongst the stars. It should be noted that Guests who are uncomfortable with heights or small spaces have the option to skip the ride on the Stellarvator.

Space Garden

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Once docked at the Centauri Space Station, Guests emerge into a hallway that leads to the main dining area of Space 220 Restaurant and pass by unique and innovative growing experiments where fresh heads of lettuce can be seen ready for harvest in space. After passing by the garden setup, the true star of the experience emerges and Guests are sure to be taken aback by the beautiful and immersive theming.

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Dining Room

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The main dining room in Space 220 Restaurant and the Space 220 Lounge features a futuristic palette of blues and silvers that create a streamlined experience to allow Guests to focus on the main focal point. Massive windows looking out into the vast beauty of space line the restaurant, allowing Guests the opportunity to gaze down at Earth as they dine and even spot fun details like a family out for a spacewalk or the X-2 Deep Space Shuttle from adjacent Mission: SPACE.


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While the theming is absolutely amazing at Space 220 Restaurant, so is the menu which focuses on modern American cuisine in prix fixe menus offered for lunch and dinner. Lunch is a two-course meal with the choice of one Lift-Off (appetizer) and one Star Course (entrée) and dinner elevates the experience even more with the selection of one Super Nova Sweet to end the meal.


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Before choosing their meals, Guests should absolutely take the time to check out the specialty beverages offered at Space 220 Restaurant, all of which feature some fun, cosmic names that add to the immersive experience. Guests can sip on non-alcoholic options like the Moon Rocks and Lightyear Lemonade or Atmospheric Spirits including The Nebula, Planetary Punch, The Big Tang, and Celestial Cosmopolitan.

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Space Greens

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Once settled in with a drink, Guests can check out the Lift-Off options at Space 220 Restaurant beginning with light options like the Centauri Caesar Salad, Galaxy Grain Salad with a blend of quinoa, beluga lentils, and vegetables, or the Space Greens with bibb lettuce, compressed watermelon, spiced pecans, and apple cider dressing. An additional light option with an indulgent crispy exterior is the Blue Moon Cauliflower which is coated in a fried tempura batter and served with hot sauce and blue cheese dust.

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Big Bang Burrata

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Heartier Lift Off options at Space 220 Restaurant include the Big Bang Burrata which is paired with grilled artichoke hearts, arugula, and sunflower seed romesco for additional flavor. Seafood lovers can begin their meals with the Starry Calamari served with Italian cherry peppers, spicy marinara, and roasted pepper citrus aioli or the Neptune Tartare which pairs yellowfin tuna with yuzu ginger miso, soy, avocado, radish, mango coulis, microgreens, and sesame crackers.

Quinoa Burger

Credit: Space 220 Restaurant

The Star Course offerings for lunch at Space 220 Restaurant include two burger options that are the perfect amount of food for a lunch course and Guests are sure to enjoy the Centauri Burger which tops a beef patty with white cheddar, bacon, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and sriracha aioli. A lighter option is the Quinoa Burger which tops a quinoa-vegetable patty with baby arugula, tomato, and yellow beet citrus mayonnaise for a healthy and filling meal.

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Heartier Star Courses offered for lunch include the Steak Salad with marinated filet tips, Steak & Frites which pairs a coffee space rub flat iron with fries, broccolini, and chimichurri, and the Supreme Chicken Breast which is seared and accompanied by a polenta parmesan cake, petite balsamic lentils, and basil oil. Guests who are looking for a plant-based lunch option at Space 220 Restaurant can enjoy the Terra-Bolognese with corn linguine, tempeh ragu, macadamia nut “ricotta,” zucchini, and mushroom.

Galactic Samlon

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Guests who enjoy seafood have several delicious Star Course options for lunch at Space 220 Restaurant beginning with the Tuna Tataki which pairs spiced yellowfin tuna with avocado, brown rice, edamame, pineapple, and radishes for a light and filling meal. Also available are the Spaceghetti & Shrimp which is sautéed and paired with cherry tomatoes, basil, and a garlic beurre blanc, and the Galactic Salmon which is served with glazed carrots, miatake mushrooms, baby bok choy, and ginger buerre blanc.

Supreme Chicken Breast

Credit: Space 220 Restaurant

Space 220 Restaurant features a slightly different menu of Star Course dinner options, although Guests should note that the Supreme Chicken Breast, Galactic Salmon, and Terra-Bolognese from lunch are still available. The additional options available for dinner each evening are even heartier and more delicious, designed to be a satisfying end to any day in EPCOT.

Space Glazed Duck Breast

Credit: Space 220 Restaurant

The Florida Red Snapper is a delicious seafood option that is pan-seared and paired with fennel barigoule and potato stew or Guests can opt for a meat option with the Space Glazed Duck Breast served with fried jasmine rice, asparagus, pineapple, and orange hoisin sauce.

Filet Mignon

Credit: Disney

The final two Star Course dinner options are filling red meat dishes that pack some indulgent flavors and ingredients. The Slow Rotation Short Rib is braised and paired with creamy cheddar grits, bacon, and haricot vert, and the 8oz Filet Mignon is accompanied by creamy mashed potatoes, haricot vert, carrots, and red wine reduction with the option of adding shrimp or lobster for an additional fee.

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1.5 lbs Baked Whole Lobster Stuffed with Jumbo Crab

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While Space 220 Restaurant follows a prix fixe menu, there are two Space Station Supplemental options that Guests can add for an additional fee during dinner each evening. The 1.5 lbs Baked Whole Lobster Stuffed with Jumbo Crab is decadent with roasted corn, broccolini, and mornay sauce and the 24oz Bone-in Ribeye is full of flavor with a coffee space rub, fingerling potatoes, asparagus, and cippolini onion.

Chocolate Cheesecake

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To conclude dinner at Space 220 Restaurant, Guests can choose one SuperNova Sweet from the menu and there are several indulgent and delicious options to choose from. The Carrot Cake and Chocolate Cheesecake are both traditional and flavorful options, the Gelato and Sorbet feature a variety of flavors including vanilla, lemon, chocolate, and strawberry, or Guests can be a little adventurous and opt for the Coconut Panna Cotta or Short Cake featuring a matcha air cake with mascarpone mousse and strawberries.

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Guests Dining

Credit: Space 220 Restaurant

Space 220 Restaurant is truly an unforgettable table service dining experience at the Walt Disney World Resort thanks in great part to its immersive atmosphere and theming that begins immediately upon entry and is further enhanced with a ride on the Stellarvator. In addition to the theme, the food at Space 220 Restaurant combines unique and cosmic names with elevated presentations and flavors, making it a must enjoy lunch or dinner during any visit to the Walt Disney World Resort!

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