Disney Fans Disturbed by Gender-Fluid Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Credit: Disney and Canva

The Walt Disney Company has been known for experimenting with unique Disney merchandise over the years.

Whether it be creative Mickey Ear headbands, unique attire, or adorable stuffed animals, Disney always has unique offerings. However, a Disney Park’s find has left even the most experimental fans slightly befuddled.

Disney fans were left feeling confused after an image was shared showing a half Minnie Mouse and half Mickey Mouse stuffed toy. Even stranger, this gender-neutral version of these two iconic characters was being sold directly at the Disney Parks.

Mickey Mouse and Child Disney Military Salute Ticket Pricing

Credit: Disney

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Hybrid Disney Merchandise Raises Eyebrows

The Walt Disney Company recently celebrated its 100th anniversary with special events, entertainment, and merchandise. To honor the occasion, Disney has released a plethora of plush stuffed toys of their most iconic characters. Included in this lineup are, of course, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Disney100 toys are a must-have for any Disney fan and collector.

These iconic characters have been beloved by audiences for decades, and their timeless charm is beautifully captured in this special collection of 100 toys.

Many of these toys are styled in the platinum design that is a signature of the Disney100 collection.

disney pixar tsum tsum merchandise plush toys mickey mouse donald duck pluto

Credit: Disney

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For those who want to relive their fond childhood memories or introduce the magic of Mickey and Minnie Mouse to a new generation, the Disney 100 Toys collection offers something for everyone.

Whether it’s the classic Disney characters in their most recognizable forms or modern interpretations that capture the essence of their timeless appeal, there’s no shortage of options to choose from.

In addition, the Disney 100 Toys collection goes beyond just Mickey and Minnie Mouse. It also features other beloved characters from the Disney universe, such as Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto.

This diverse range allows fans to expand their collection and create their own magical displays that showcase the rich tapestry of Disney’s storytelling.

Part Mickey, Part Minnie

While many of Disney’s new merchandise items play on the classic elements of Disney, one item in particular is really pushing the boundaries.

A fan posted a photo to Reddit showing a merchandise item on sale at Disneyland Resort that is certainly less than conventional. The item features the head of Minnie Mouse with the bottom of Mickey Mouse.

While the merchandise was allegedly sold in an official Disney store, this item seems to clearly be a defected one. This strange creature doesn’t quite seem like a toy that Disney would want to promote.

I found a weird defect
byu/thatguywhohaspsvr inDisneyland

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Many fans find humor in this unique toy, which the original poster calls “Minkey.” Others see the potential resale value that such an item could generate.

What do you think? Is this unique item a lucky find? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. Okay so y’all just wanna complain about everything now? Obviously it’s not “gender fluid” it’s just a toy that was a bit of a weird idea. By calling it “gender fluid” you’re not only completely missing the point but also being transphobic.

    • I don’t think that word means what you think it means. 🥴 Take a breathe hypocrite Karen. The adults were simply making a point that it’s been proven to be a slippery slope. As you said- suddenly it’s not trans but is somehow transphobic. Hope you’re not getting too dizzy from all the circles you’re doing trying to make that “logic” work.

  2. Not transphobic, just imbibed by nature to know there are only two genders…period. Anything beyond that is mental illness.
    Because people are hardwired to recognize something “Ain’t right,” surely does not mean we’re afraid. And complaining….no, just pushing back on perversion.

    • 100% agree with u. Tired of this nonsense being shoved down our throats. People can b whoever they want to be but to force their views on others is where it should stop.

      • Who cares! You don’t like it, then don’t buy it. Nothing is being shoved down anyone’s throats. People have been identifying differently for years! The only difference is that today we have several different social media sites, so yeah you log in to FB, X, Instagram, YT, Whatever, but instead of just scrolling past you have to make it about yourselves!!
        Seriously people, if it isn’t hurting you, just let it go!! Gesh

    • You know, it really bothers me that instead of creating a new character that’s transgender friendly, Disney ruins majestic icons by eliminating their personalities we grew up with. Bad move, Disney! And bad form!

    • Oh my gods! It! Isn’t! A! Trans/genderfluid! Plushie! Its a mickey doll woth eyelashes!! how are people so horrified that a cartoon mouse doll has eyelashes???? It isnt genderfluid, trans, half mickey/half minnie or whatever you want to call it. It’s a mickey plushie with god damn eyelashes.

    • 👏👏👏 Very well said and I agree 100%! 👏👏👏

    • Just to be clear, my reply is directed at the commenter going by “Who, me?”.

    • Exactly. But apparently “trust the science” is subjective to some people…They only want data from ethically conducted studies when it serves their twisted narrative. I’d just like Dis to not cowtail to the nonsense. But they can make a lot of easy merch money off of people that have little self control, I think we know what group that is. 🥺 In reality they have only superficial standards for themselves, so why would they expect high standards in the material items they buy? Easy sales targets.

      • Gender is not science it’s sociology. Also, there are males, females, and intersex. Science is finding that there may be a correlation between intersex and Trans people, which would make Trans people both sociologically and scientifically supported. Get a hobby.

        • Actually no there isn’t a link between intersex and trans. I know how desperately your narrative wants that to be the case but its not. Trans are just “feelings”. Thoughts they have that cause them to want to transition. Intersex literally have abnormal chromosomes. Intersex people are not trans. Trans is transitioning from one physical state to another based on “how you feel” . intersex are not transitioning anything about themselves. If they want to present more male or female its to affirm the different chromosomes they actually have! You guys need to stop reaching for justifications. You already have one you just don’t like it: gender dysphoria is a mental illness. Period.

    • Why do you consider any personal development and/or choices that doesn’t conform to your narrow view of “normality” to be mental illness?

  3. The title is a lie it was a defective item not a purposeful move for disney.

  4. Poor Walt is rolling in his grave 🫣.
    I dont Discriminate but I won’t support it.

  5. Why does everything need to have a hidden meaning? Just bring back the family fun and stop trying to confuse children. The park guests need to be respected and entertained for the prices the.

    • I think Disney is pushing the boundaries way too far this time. Stop and think about the games you are playing with children’s minds. It’s bad enough the schools are confusing their minds why do you have too.

  6. I have been using trans fluid for years. It is what makes my car go !!!

  7. Now I’ve seen everything! Has Disney totally lost it’s mind!? Let poor Walt rest in peace! You have already lost so many guests! Change the parks name to “LA LA Land. No one wants to part of your hypocrisy! I grew up with Disney and Mickey will always be in my heart!

  8. Dr. Frankenstein was let loose in the toy factory. Is that not what is being done with this gender affirming care anyways.

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