Are Urinals Coming to Women’s Restrooms at Disney?

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When you have to go, you have to go…even at Disney!

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Disney’s commitment to guest comfort extends to the numerous well-maintained bathrooms strategically located across Disney property.

These lavatories not only serve a practical purpose but also contribute to the overall magical experience that Disney Parks are renowned for. Guests can rest assured that wherever they may find themselves within the expansive grounds of Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort, a clean and conveniently located restroom is never far away.

Disney typically genders its bathrooms for women and men separately. While this has not caused a lot of controversy before, a new viral article has reignited the discussions with claims that urinals will be installed in Disney’s women’s bathrooms.

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The Truth Behind the Viral Claims

Disney puts a lot of time and effort into making their Disney bathrooms a clean and beautiful experience. This thoughtful provision underscores Disney’s dedication to ensuring that every aspect of a guest’s visit is enjoyable and convenient.

From the elaborate theming to the impeccable cleanliness, Disney’s bathrooms are designed to seamlessly blend into the immersive storytelling that characterizes the Disney experience.

In this new viral video, claims are being made that urinals will be implemented in women’s bathrooms throughout the Disney parks and Disney Springs area. The video alleges that the urinals will be part of Disney’s mission to be more inclusive. Immediately, Disney theme park fans were shocked by this story, many of them voicing their concerns about this possibility.

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Debacle Surrounding Disney Bathrooms Finds Conclusion

In reality, these claims were created by the satirical news site MouseTrapNews. This isn’t the first time that this site has spread viral false narratives. In fact, we have debunked many popular Disney Resort claims spread on the website and social media platforms before.


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While some may find these rumors to be humorous, it is important to know that they are false so as not to perpetuate any negative or transphobic rumors. The Walt Disney Company will not be including urinals in Disneyland or Walt Disney World bathrooms at this time, and they most likely never will.

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