Disney Fans Agree: These Are the Best Bathrooms
For Going Number Two

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Walt Disney World’s extensive list of offerings is, to put it lightly, unrivaled.

What Does Walt Disney World Offer? More Like ‘What Doesn’t Walt Disney World Offer?’

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The newest attractions are state-of-the-art and more immersive than ever, and the oldest attractions are charming and classic. The snacks and themed dining options are fun, creative, and tasty. The parades are exciting, and the nighttime spectaculars are dazzling.

The fun doesn’t stop at the theme parks of Walt Disney World; the Resort hotels are highly themed, offer convenient amenities, and full of entertaining activities. But the most crucial offering of all is, without a doubt, the bathrooms.

No Matter Where You Go, the Bathroom Situation Is Always the Most Important Aspect

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On the hierarchy of theme park needs, a restroom in a convenient location may be at the very top of the list. After all, when you gotta go, you gotta go! But going in a public, crowded place is
uncomfortable at best, and there’s nothing more crowded than a Disney Park bathroom.

And to put it as delicately as possible, there’s a vast difference between going number one and going number two in a public place. Because there are different needs associated with going number one and going number two, some bathrooms in Walt Disney World may be better suited for the task than others.

The best bathrooms consist of a private area that’s clean, quiet, and secluded, but that’s a tall order when it comes to visiting a theme park.

Where Are the Best Bathrooms In Walt Disney World?

So, one anonymous guest took to social media to ask fellow fans of Walt Disney World: where are the best bathrooms for going number two?

What’s your favorite bathroom to go number 2 in?!
byu/Bananamay13 inWaltDisneyWorld

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Almost immediately, the replies came pouring in!

Reddit user u/elderberrykiwi wrote, “Deluxe hotel lobby bathrooms. Quiet and clean with Euro style stall doors that cover the entire opening.”

Another Reddit user chimes in, telling readers to keep the information on the down low before writing:

Contemporary Lobby, go up the escalator one floor to the convention center level. The one down the hall from where you check in for California Grill….or allll the way down the far end where you can turn and walk over to the larger convention wing. Generally there are no conventions, ghost town and nice stalls.

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For the most part, it seems that the best Disney bathrooms aren’t in the parks, but the resort hotels! Considering that Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT are typically more crowded than one of the Disney resort hotels, this totally tracks.

But that’s not to say that there aren’t any good bathrooms for going number two within the Disney Parks!

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One anonymous guest wrote, “The restroom by City Hall in the MK. Anonymity by way of sheer volume! But the end of the last row is usually pretty quiet.”

Another added, “Epcot – far right bathroom as you head towards the parking lot, next to the Leave a Legacy exit. No one is ever there, AC is super cold, and absolutely clean. Second place is inside the Odyssey building, not the one outside.”

As for Hollywood Studios, the best bathrooms for going number two are reportedly located in “Galaxy’s Edge by the shops. It’s clean, well themed, and sounds like there’s a dianoga in the pipes.”

It may be a strange and specific request to ask for the best Disney bathroom for going number two in, but we can’t deny the information is crucial!

Where are your favorite bathrooms in Walt Disney World? Feel free to let Disney Dining know in the comments! 

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  1. I like the restrooms behind figment at Epcot they are clean and under utilized. That said, Disney need to up their game on the tp. You can virtually see through it it is so thin..