“Toilet Tubes”: Guests Say Disney Monorails Smell Like Urine

Disney Monorail
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We’ve recently reported that maintenance seems to be taking a backseat at Disney. The company seems to have more pressing things on its mind. Political battles, underperforming films, and streaming platform woes seem to have taken center stage leaving things like upkeep and maintenance to languish. 

Not long ago, someone reported smelling sewage in the Parks. Before that mold has been seen several times. Buildings have been left unrepaired. These are things that never used to happen at Disney. The Parks have always been pristine, until now apparently.  

One Redditor, u/minpinnerd, took to the platform to recount her recent experience on the resort memorial from Magic Kingdom, saying, “I had read a few comments here and there about the monorails smelling like urine, but honestly I didn’t believe that Disney would let things go that far. I figured it was an isolated thing at most.”  Sadly, the commenters turned out to be correct. She stated that two different monorails both smelled strongly of urine. 

epcot monorail

Credit: Heather Maguire

She reports that both Monorail Silver and Monorail Gold smelled of urine. In her post she said that she was on her way to SteakHouse ’71 from Magic Kingdom when she boarded Monorail Silver. “It was so bad in the silver/grey one that I was nauseous and desperate to get off, even after just the extremely short trip from MK to the contemporary. I just can’t believe that Disney has let things slip this far. I can’t believe that the same company that had the staff at Steakhouse ’71 tripping over themselves to make the experience magical was totally fine with allowing me to arrive at my reservation on toilet tubes,” her post said. 

She said that the smell on the return trip on Monorail Gold was better but still smelled like urine. On top of that, she said that the AC wasn’t working and the train was leaking rainwater into the cabin. She went on to say that while it was a minor inconvenience for her, had she been staying on the monorail line it would’ve ruined her whole trip. She also reported that the monorail was not like this 17 years ago on her last Disney trip. 

Monorail dining reservation

Credit: Disney

I have personally noted a distinct urine odor in the monorails. It’s likely not actually urine that you’re smelling, it’s most likely mold. Which isn’t much better, I know. The humidity and wet weather, combined with sweaty passengers on and off the trains all day with very little fresh air flow make the trains a perfect breeding ground for mold. 

We hope that Disney will do some sort of mold remediation and fix the issues plaguing the monorails soon. The trains are one if the most unique parts of any Disney vacation. Also, as u/minpinnerd said, people pay good mkney to stay on the monorail line. It would be a shame to let them fall into disrepair. 



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