Monorail’s Concrete Support Beams Crumble; Guests Panic

Monorail beam
Credit: Disney and Shutterstock

All is not well at Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney fans have begun to panic after seeing some terrifying images surface on the internet. The photos show a major infrastructure concern that could potentially be extremely dangerous. With no sign of Disney doing any maintenance to remedy the situation, the public has begun to panic.

Monorail EPCOT


Crumbling Infrastructure Poses Major Safety Hazard

One thing to know about Walt Disney World Resort is that it is massive. The Resort sits on 43 square miles of the property, making it way bigger than Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California. There is so much to see and do inside Walt Disney World Resort, but because everything is so spread out, navigating yourself can be difficult.

Driving your own car can be time-consuming with traffic and parking and getting an Uber or a Minnie van can be expensive. Luckily, Disney does offer some complimentary transportation options for Guests to use.

Guests can use Disney’s busses, ferryboats, water taxis, Skyliner, and monorail to get around the Resort. For many Guests, taking the monorail is the preferred option. The Walt Disney World Monorail System is an elevated transportation system that is used to take Guests to different areas of the Resort. The monorail is supported by concrete beams that extend up into the air.

Crumbling Beams Pose Major Safety Risks

Theme Park photographer @bioreconstruct snapped a photograph that showed some troubling “concrete problems” on one of the support beams for the monorail. The beam looks to be in horrible condition, and Guests are very concerned about the safety issue of the damage. The beam that is crumbling is on the EPCOT monorail track near The Seas Pavilion in Future World at EPCOT.

Guests have begun to panic over the safety of the monorail. One user comments, “Welp, guess it’s driving to EPCOT only for a while.” Many Guests wonder if the Monorail beam will be able to handle the heavy load for much longer. It is a shame to see the infrastructure of Walt Disney World in such bad shape. Hopefully, Disney gets to work and service this issue as soon as possible.

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