Walt Disney World Monorails Reportedly Infested With MOLD? Here’s What We Know…

Monorail at EPCOT
Credit: Disney

Anyone who has visited Walt Disney World Resort knows that the monorail system is a marvel of Walt Disney Imagineering.

For many, the Disney monorail is one of the first rides they get to experience before entering the Disney Park. It’s a super fun way to get from Disney Resort to Disney Resort, and frankly, it never gets old!

Although the Disney monorail is a quintessential part of the Disney experience, it can’t be denied that it isn’t always a pleasant one…

EPCOT Monorail with Spaceship Earth in Background

Credit: Disney

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After all, when it comes down to it, cramming sweaty, cranky Guests into an enclosed place and traveling from Disney Park to Disney Park…the experience can result in some less than favorable circumstances.

So much so, that one Guest took to social media to ask everyone the same question: Why is the monorail so stinky? 

Immediately, the answers came pouring in. Fans and frequent Guests visiting Walt Disney World and using the iconic transportation system were quick to point out the obvious: everyone using the transportation system is exhausted and sweaty.

Exterior view of Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Credit: Disney

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However, one Guest pointed something out that may be more unsettling than sweat: mold. In their comment, they write:

Let me tell you! We were just there 2 weeks ago and my son is 6’9″ tall so his head is basically touching the inside roof. He looked down at me and said “You DO NOT want to see how much mold is in these air conditioner vents!”

Credit: World of Disney

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If mold is truly growing in the air vents of a Disney monorail, then that would explain any unpleasant smells. But it could also be dangerous for Guests!

Hopefully, Walt Disney World Resort gives each monorail a deep and thorough cleaning to keep the experience as safe and comfortable as possible.


Credit: Disney

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We would like to add that any mold in the EPCOT monorail and the Magic Kingdom monorail has yet to be officially confirmed. The story illustrated in this article is based on Guests’ accounts alone.

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