Disney Is Impacting the Environment…But Not Entirely In a Bad Way

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It’s no secret that Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort are massive operations. Walt Disney World especially, as the entire Resort is now more significant than the city of San Francisco.

So, it’s natural to wonder how much water is used to operate Walt Disney World and Disneyland. While we don’t have an exact answer as to how many gallons are utilized in either Resort daily, we do know some of the ways the Walt Disney Company is working to become a conservation hero for water.

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In a recent report by USA Today, Dr. Mark Penning, the Vice President of Animals, Science, and Environment for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, spoke on some of the conservation methods used.

He explained that 80% of Walt Disney World’s irrigation is accomplished using reclaimed wastewater and that the irrigation control system is incredibly sophisticated:

We’ve actually got three weather stations on our property, and we’re drawing data constantly of weather conditions and moisture in the soil and all that sort of thing…And we have a centrally controlled irrigation system that then directs the water to exactly where it is needed, at the scale of a city. I don’t think there is a larger, centrally controlled irrigation system anywhere in the world.

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Over in Disneyland Resort, even more, measures are being taken to conserve water, considering California’s frequent droughts. In fact, in 2020, Disneyland won the 2019 SEAL Business Sustainability Award, proving its status as a conservation hero.

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Not only that, but Disneyland is meticulous about which plants are used as decoration, often planting drought-tolerant species where applicable.

Each restroom in Disneyland Resort now utilizes low-flow or ultra-low-flow settings, “saving over 100 million gallons of water a year,” according to USA Today.

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It goes without saying that many practices go on behind the scenes, all working toward the conservation goal. However, these are just some of the ways Disney is working toward a better environment!

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