Animal Kingdom Announces Half a Million Dollars Donation For Florida Conservation Efforts

Ever since Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom opened in 1998, the theme park has focused on appreciating and conserving the natural world around us.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Park Entrance

Credit: Disney

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These themes can be found all throughout the Walt Disney Company, from its theme parks to its storytelling. However, Disney often puts its money where its mouth is, so to speak, as they’ve donated millions of dollars to non-profit conservation organizations in the past year alone. In total, the Walt Disney Company has presented over 120 million dollars to aid in environmental conservation efforts.

Tree of Life at Disney's Animal Kingdom

Credit: Disney

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This time, Animal Kingdom has announced that it’s donating $500,000 to five different Central Florida organizations focused on conservation: Conservation FloridaFlorida Wildlife Corridor FoundationThe Nature ConservancyTrout Lake Nature Center, and Wekiva Wilderness Trust.

Tiger Animal Kingdom

Credit: Dr. Mark Penning

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Each of these organizations is dedicated to preserving Florida’s diverse population of wild flora, fauna, and the natural habitat of these beautiful living things. According to the official announcement by Disney Parks Blog, these groups have received $100,000 each and will aid in the following projects:

…expanding land protection initiatives, to ensuring healthy tree canopy coverage in underserved communities, finding solutions to clean drinking water for those in need and funding educational opportunities for youth in our community.

Credit: Disney

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The official name for its conservation effort is Disney Planet Possible, which focuses on its social responsibility to better our natural world. For more information, check out the official Disney Planet Possible website. Here, you will find more links to Disney’s websites focusing on environmental sustainability, conservation, and storytelling.

How cool is it to know that through many different aspects, the Walt Disney Company is doing its part to preserve our beautiful world!

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