The Best & Worst Restrooms in Walt Disney World

Tangled Restrooms
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The Walt Disney World Resort is packed with experiences that whisk Guests into fantasy worlds, but reality is still there at moments, especially when restrooms are needed. There are countless restrooms throughout the property for Guests to use, ensuring that there is always a facility within a quick walk for comfort and ease.

While there are functionally plenty of restrooms for use, they are absolutely not all the same as each features its own unique theming and music to help continue the immersive experience of whatever area Guests are in. All restrooms are themed and functional, but there are some that are simply better than others and some that are definitely worse. Let’s check out the best and worst restrooms to use while at the Walt Disney World Resort.


Imagination Restrooms

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Imagination Pavilion – EPCOT

World Nature in EPCOT is home to the Imagination Pavilion where Guests can enjoy Journey into Imagination with Figment and one of the best bathrooms in Walt Disney World. Instead of heading into the main attraction, Guests can walk to the right hand side and around the rear of the building to find a quiet and often overlooked restroom. With low foot traffic and charming music from the Imagination Pavilion, this restroom is always clean and calm.

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Theater in the Wild

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Theater in the Wild – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The walkway between Asia and Dinoland in Disney’s Animal Kingdom is typically busy, but there is a tucked away restroom that many Guests overlook due to its location. The Theater in the Wild is home to large stage productions, but also a decent sized standalone restroom that is located outside of the theater. While the restroom can be crowded just before and after show times, it is otherwise nearly always empty and clean.

Storybook Circus Restroom

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Storybook Circus – Magic Kingdom

The Storybook Circus area of the Magic Kingdom is a favorite of many thanks to experiences like Dumbo the Elephant and Big Top Souvenirs, but there is also a large bathroom there that is typically clean and quiet. Many Guests don’t take the time to wander past the Casey Jr. Splash ‘N’ Soak Station where a large brick building houses charming restrooms. Themed to blend in with both Storybook Circus and the adjacent Walt Disney World Railroad Station, these restrooms are a great option in the Magic Kingdom.

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Tangled Restrooms

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Tangled Area – Magic Kingdom

Another restroom available to Guests in the Magic Kingdom can be found in Fantasyland between the Haunted Mansion and “it’s a small world.” The Tangled restrooms bring the village from the Disney animated film to life with charming architecture covered in original paintings by Rapunzel, wanted posters for favorite friends from The Snuggly Duckling, and other small items and details that reference the film. While the Tangled restrooms are typically busy, their size and theming makes up for it.

American Adventure Restrooms

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The American Adventure – EPCOT

EPCOT’s World Showcase features several restrooms that are very much needed thanks to the popularity of the area pared with the fact that many Guests love to enjoy beverages from the various countries. The American Adventure Pavilion features a great restroom option to the right hand side of the main entrance, behind a small courtyard with picnic tables. This massive restroom is rarely crowded or dirty and plays colonial and patriotic music to continue the theming of the area.

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Pirates of the Caribbean – Magic Kingdom

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most beloved attractions in the Magic Kingdom, and like many attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort, deposits Guests in a gift shop when the experience is over. Many Guests simply walk through the gift shop out into Adventureland, but those who veer left can find a restroom that is charmingly decorated to continue the theming with signs that read “Caballeros” and “Damas,” mosaic tile accents, and wrought iron detailing. This typically quiet restroom is a great alternative to other nearby options that are always crowded.

Interior of Columbia Harbour House

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Columbia Harbour House – Magic Kingdom

Liberty Square in the Magic Kingdom has no formal restrooms and Guests are always directed to nearby options in Adventureland or the Tangled restrooms, but there is a small ‘hidden’ restroom many Guests don’t know about. Columbia Harbour House is a quick service location open for lunch and dinner, and the restaurant features a second floor that has a small restroom available for Guests. While this restroom is only several stalls, it is way off the beaten path and a great quiet choice for Guests in Liberty Square.

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Harambe Theater – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The Africa section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is always busy with Guests exploring Harambe and enjoying Kilimanjaro Safaris, but there is a restroom nearby that is slightly off the beaten path and typically very quiet. The small pathway that connects Harambe and Pandora – the World of Avatar is home to the Harambe Theater as well as a standalone restroom that is nearly always quiet and clean. The only times this restroom gets crowded are after showing of Festival of the Lion King, but otherwise it’s are a great option!

Gonzo's Royal Flush

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Grand Avenue – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Disney’s Hollywood Studios features one restroom that makes the best list in the Grand Avenue area of the Disney Park. Around the corner from PizzeRizzo and across the courtyard from Muppet Vision 3D are restrooms cheekily named Gonzo’s Royal Flush. These large and relatively new restrooms can sometimes be crowded, but they are large in size, typically clean, and a great alternative to other very busy options nearby in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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Cosmic Rays Starlight Café – Magic Kingdom

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café in the Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland is open daily for lunch and dinner and serves up American classics that Guests can enjoy while listening to Sonny Eclipse croon about his intergalactic adventures. Just inside the main entrance to the quick service restaurant and down a hallway is a small restroom that many Guests don’t know about. This restroom is typically quiet, clean, and a great alternative to other options nearby.

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‘Ohana & Kona Café – Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

One of the worst restrooms at the Walt Disney World Resort is surprisingly found at one of the most popular Disney Resorts. Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort is home to the Great Ceremonial House and on the second floor Guests can enjoy Kona Café, ‘Ohana, and Tambu Lounge, making it very busy throughout each day. Unfortunately, all of these restaurants share a single restroom with only several stalls, making it typically very crowded and sometimes pretty dirty. Guests should instead opt to use one of the restrooms on the lower level which are more off the beaten path.

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Sunset Boulevard – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Sunset Boulevard in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is always busy with Guests heading to and from popular experiences like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith, and those crowds tend to all flock to one set of restrooms in particular. About halfway down Sunset Boulevard on the right hand side is a break in the stores where a small restroom can be found, and the line for these typically stretches out the door. Guests who can wait a few minutes are better off walking back towards Hollywood Boulevard or Animation Courtyard to find a better alternative.


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Town Square – Magic Kingdom

Just inside the entrance of the Magic Kingdom on Main Street, U.S.A. is Town Square where Guests can enjoy the charm of the turn of the century. Right next to Town Hall are relatively large restrooms, but they are always busy with Guests who need the restroom upon arrival or want to use it before traveling back to their destinations. These restrooms have wonderful charm and background music from Main Street, U.S.A., but there are better options further inside the Magic Kingdom for those who can wait.

Adventureland Bridge

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Adventureland Promenade – Magic Kingdom

Another very busy, and sometimes dirty, restroom in the Magic Kingdom can be found in the heart of Adventureland. Just past the Swiss Family Treehouse is a large breezeway that passes through to Frontierland and inside is a decently sized restroom that many, many Guests use. There’s nothing particularly wrong with these restrooms, they are just always crowded and Guests are better off heading to the nearby option next to Pirates of the Caribbean.


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Asia – Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The pathway in the Asia area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom that connects Kali River Rapids and Expedition Everst – Legend of the Hidden Mountain is always busy with Guests, and there is one restroom along the way that is the main option for both attractions and the surrounding area. The restroom is housed in a charming building with many great details to continue the theming, but it is always busy and Guests who can wait a few minutes have much less crowded options nearby.


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Tomorrowland – Magic Kingdom

Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom is home to one of the busiest restrooms at the Walt Disney World Resort which unfortunately typically results in it also being one of the dirtiest. This restroom can be found on the walkway connecting Fantasyland and Tomorrowland just across from the Tomorrowland Speedway, and there is nearly always a line spilling out the door. Guests who need to use the restroom in this area should instead opt for the smaller option inside of Cosmic Rays Starlight Café only a few moments away.

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World of Disney – Disney Springs

Disney Springs is home to many restroom locations, including one in each table service restaurant, but Guests who are simply enjoying the area and shopping also have several options. One of the restrooms to avoid is located right next to The World of Disney and Starbucks, and is not necessarily awful, but just tends to be the most crowded because of its central location. Guests who can wait a few moments should opt for other nearby restrooms to avoid a wait.

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