Disney Moves to Gender-Neutral Costumes, Uniforms in Parks Beginning April 1

tokyo disney cinderella castle
Credit: TDR Explorer

Beginning April 1, Disney is implementing the use of gender-neutral costumes and uniforms for Cast Members beginning next month at one Disney Parks Resort, leaving open the possibility that the new “Disney Look” trend could be implemented at other parks as well.

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tokyo disney cinderella castle

Credit: TDR Explorer

The poet John Lydgate once said, “you can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time,” but Disney’s doing its darnedest to prove him wrong, nonetheless. In a recent announcement, one Disney Parks Resort said it’s doing away with the old “Disney Look” and implementing a new one–one that will ensure that Cast Members feel comfortable and happy while they work in the parks.

In March 2021, Tokyo Disneyland announced it was doing away with greetings in the parks that involved the phrase “Ladies and gentlemen” and moving to welcoming Guests by saying, “Hello, everyone.”

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Beginning April 1, Cast Members at Tokyo Disney Resort will have more flexibility when it comes to the way they dress, style their hair and apply make-up while on the clock in the parks, thanks to newly-implemented changes to the resort’s “Disney Look” policy, which gives Cast Members guidelines about their appearances while they’re working.

Oriental Land Company, which owns the Japanese Disney Resort, says it’s removing gender-specific language from the new policy. Requirements for Cast Members related to hairstyles, makeup, costuming, uniforms, and other appearance-related items will be standardized, regardless of gender, for all Cast Members.

tokyo disney castle

Credit: Disney

The company says it will also begin to phase in a new unisex costume policy which will allow Cast Members to choose the costumes they want to wear rather than being assigned one based on gender, but Oriental Land Company says the costumes will still be functional and reflect the thematic requirements for both parks at the resort.

The image below depicts the current gendered costume options on the top row and the new, gender-neutral options that will soon be available to Cast Members in the bottom row.

tokyo disney resort gender neutral costumes

Credit: Oriental Land Company

The changes are part of the company’s “efforts to sustainably contribute to society and create long-term growth by promoting happiness as the company’s core value,” according to TDRExplorer.

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