Darth Stamos – The Dark Side of Uncle Jesse

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Many people know John Stamos as the Disney-loving movie star with great hair who never seems to age.

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Return of the Jesse

John Stamos

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His career spans from General Hospital in the ’80s to the extremely popular Uncle Jesse (AKA Jesse Katsopolis) on Full House (1987-1995) and Fuller House (2016-2020), and Marvyn Korn on the Disney show Big Shot (2021-2022).

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But behind the scenes of Full House, the young John Stamos (then 24 years old) hated the show, didn’t like his co-stars, and he wanted out.

full house cast

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On an episode of Hot Ones (where guests eat hot wings and answer burning questions), John Stamos came clean about his frustrations with Full House.

Revenge of the Stamos

“Full House…I hated that show,” John Stamos admitted. “As we’re casting it, I was like, They’re spending a lot of time casting these kids that are gonna be in the background.”

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He shares frustrations over the attention given to Jodie Sweetin during the beginning table reads of the show. Not that he had a problem with the young actress per se, but the people in the room seemed to be falling over with laughter while his lines were inaudible and ignored.

Full House Cast early seasons

Credit: ABC

John Stamos further admitted he was told the show was to be focused more on the friendship between a group of male friends (Danny, Joey, and Jesse), similar to the tv show Bosom Buddies, which Jeff Franklin also produced.

full house abc

Credit: Disney/ABC

After the initial read, he remembers running to the hotel lobby, calling his agent, and screaming, “Get me the f— off this show!”

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A New Hope

But eventually, John Stamos came around to the idea behind the sitcom and formed a bond with his costars, including Bob Saget and Dave Coulier. “I fought it for a long time,” he said. “And then I finally said, What am I doing? It’s a beautiful show we built with sweetness and kindness. There was no central character on that show, is what I realized. The central character was love.”

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The nearly half-hour interview also includes John Stamos retelling the classic story of him purchasing the D from the old Disneyland Park sign.

The full video can be viewed here:

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