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There are some celebrities who are frequently seen around the Disney Parks, who constantly talk about their love for Disney, and even spend a ton of money on authentic Disney merchandise that most people could never dream of owning. One of the most well-known Disney adults is Broadway and acting sensation, Neil Patrick Harris. However, he is battling another celeb for the top of the Disney love pyramid. That would be Full House star, John Stamos — who played Uncle Jessie in the series — who not only loves to visit the Parks, but has been known to Disney bound a time or two with his wife and son.

John Stamos

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There is almost nothing about Disney that Stamos doesn’t love. Almost. He loves the food, the rides, the atmosphere, Disney on Broadway, and the movies. He even spent his honeymoon at Walt Disney World and shared pictures of him and his bride at Magic Kingdom. The one thing he doesn’t love is that Neil Patrick Harris has one thing he doesn’t — a drink named after him. Stamos recently sat down for an interview with Yahoo!Life, and spoke about his “bone to pick” with The House of Mouse.

“Why does Neil Patrick Harris have a drink named after him and not me?” he asks. The drink he’s referring to is the Black Magic Margarita, a mezcal-based cocktail Harris created for La Cava del Tequila, a popular bar at Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion, where he happens to be a regular fixture.

So, what would Stamos’ signature drink be called? “Johnny’s Sparkling Water of Love,” he says. No booze here as Stamos abstains from alcohol — “it’s just sparkling water … with love,” he explains.

Stamos is currently on a world tour with the Beach Boys and can be seen on the Disney+ original series Big Shot — or, you know, walking around Disneyland Park with his 4 year old and a “horn dog” in tow.

La Cava del Tequila

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If you love not only everything Disney, but also everything John Stamos, then we suggest you head over to Disney+! There, you can watch Stamos in a number of movies and television shows — The Little Mermaid Live, Muppets Haunted Mansion, and Big Shots — which was just renewed for a second season. You can also follow Stamos on Instagram to keep up with his exciting Walt Disney World and Disneyland adventures.

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