Bob Chapek Thinks Adults Don’t Like Animated Movies

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There are some things that Disney is really well-known for. One would, of course, be its theme parks around the world — Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort, Shanghai Disney, Hong Kong Disney, and Disneyland Paris. Second would be its massive library of incredible animated films — from classics like Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty to more recent hits like Frozen and Encanto. Disney’s animated films have been so successful that Disney is incorporating them into its theme parks more and more.

Tokyo Disney Peter Pan

Credit: Disney

However, Disney CEO Bob Chapek seems to think that adults don’t like Disney animated movies.

Chapek made the surprising statement while speaking at the Wall Street Journal Tech Conference.

I always say that when our fans and our audiences put their kids to bed at night after watching ‘Pinocchio’ or ‘Dumbo’ or ‘Little Mermaid’, they’re probably not gonna tune into another animated movie. They want something for them. 


Credit: Disney

Footage of the interview was shared on social media and people were quick to address Chapek’s surprising comments. More than one user shared a famous quote by Walt Disney.

“You’re dead if you aim only for kids, Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.” -Walt Disney, Founder of Walt Disney Studios.

Others wanted Chapek to see that some people fully understand the importance of adults’ love for animated movies and shared a clip of Guillermo Del Toro speaking about his new Pinocchio movie:

Guillermo del Toro talks about finally getting to release ‘PINOCCHIO’ in our exclusive red carpet interview.

“We wanted to show that animation is not a genre for kids, it’s a medium. Animation is film. Animation is art. And it can tell stories that are gorgeous & complex.”

One woman did comment that she used to watch animated movies all the time, but then she had children and no longer watches them on her own, since she watches them all the time with her child.

I’m not one to defend Chapek, but he’s talking abt parents, not adults.

I love animated movies and used to see them in theaters with friends, dates, and eventually my husband. Now that we have a kid we ? watching them with her, but when she’s gone we move into something else.

This is only the latest move by Chapek that puts him in the negative with Disney fans. In the less than three years that Chapek has been CEO of The Walt Disney Company, fans have seen prices go up and quality go down. They are also very unhappy with Disney’s decision to require reservations to visit both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort theme parks. There is also discontent amongst the ranks because of Disney’s decision to pause the sale of Annual Passes at both Disney World and Disneyland.

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