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Walt Disney World’s 8 Deluxe Resorts

Who hasn’t dreamed of staying in one of Walt Disney World’s magnificent deluxe resorts?  Guests at Disney’s deluxe resorts enjoy the ultimate in conveniences, amenities, comfort and top-notch theming – and many of them are within walking distance of a theme park!  Rooms at these resorts tend to be larger than those at other resorts, plus you’ll enjoy access to ...

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10 Attractions Your Toddler Will Love At Walt Disney World

When you think of Walt Disney World, chances are you think of children – they’re practically synonymous! And Walt Disney World is a perfect place for kids of all ages.  While not all rides and attractions are suitable for very young children, there are many that are perfect for toddlers, and cater to the needs of parents. Here are our ...

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8 Favorite Boat Rides At Walt Disney World

Splash Mountain

There’s something utterly relaxing and enjoyable about boat rides at Walt Disney World. Some of our favorite classic WDW rides are boat rides, as are some of Disney’s most popular new attractions! When you’re ready to hit the water, start with these favorite boat rides at Walt Disney World.   8. Na’vi River Journey We admit it, we’re enthralled by ...

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10 Essential Experiences To Have At Walt Disney World Restaurants

With more than 100 restaurants to choose from in Walt Disney World, guests have plenty of dining options open to them.  In fact, it can be hard to narrow down the options!  To make it easier, try picking a dining location that offers a complete, unforgettable experience rather than simply an amazing meal.  Here are 10 essential dining experiences that ...

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15 Things You’ll Love About Staying At A Walt World Disney Resort

To stay or not to stay (on property), that is the question…!  This is a hotly contested issue among Disney-goers.  Personally, we stay at a Walt Disney World resort every time we take a Disney vacation, and would never consider doing otherwise.  And here’s why!   1. Disney’s Magical Expres As a guest at a WDW resort, you’ll enjoy free ...

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10 Ways To Keep Your Diet In Check At Walt Disney World

One of the great joys of a Walt Disney World vacation is the unbelievable array of delectable dishes, desserts and snacks on property.  There’s so much yumminess around every corner that you’ll feel like a kid in a (literal) candy store!  But for guests who are health-conscious, a day in WDW can be full of temptation and hidden, as well ...

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8 Things You’ll Love About Coral Reef Restaurant At Walt Disney World

It’s always fun discovering new restaurants at Walt Disney World, and Coral Reef is a restaurant we recently tried for the first time.  It immediately became one of our favorites, and if you have any budding mermaids or marine biologists in your party, we’re sure they’ll feel the same way! 8. Location Chances are that unless you have a reservation ...

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