Top Ten Mind-Blowing Facts/Experiences at Haunted Mansion In Magic Kingdom

6. Scary vs Funny

Fans of Haunted Mansion will know that there are really two different parts to the ride.  At first, the attraction has a distinctly scary, unsettling vibe; this is where the creaky, breathing doors, eerie organ music, other-worldly séance, and life-like waltzing ghosts appear.  Later, there is a definite element of fun and humor, with ghosts playing tricks on one another, and on guests.  Disney Imagineers Claude Coats and Marc Davis, who oversaw the final design of Haunted Mansion, couldn’t agree on the thematic approach to take; one wanted a spookier feel, while the other thought a funny approach would be best.  In the end, both approaches were used, and guests are drawn into a spooky, intimidating haunted house, but leave with a smile on their faces, laughing at the antics of the three hitch-hiking ghosts.