Top Ten Mind-Blowing Facts/Experiences at Haunted Mansion In Magic Kingdom

7. Ride in Ghostly Style

No run-of-the-mill ride vehicle would do for Disney’s Haunted Mansion.  Instead, guests ride in ghostly style in “Doom Buggies”, delightfully oppressive black vehicles that can rotate in any direction, allowing you to experience all that Haunted Mansion has to offer.  Doom Buggies only hold a couple of people, which was intentional – what better way to make guests feel like they’re truly wandering alone in a haunted house?  Disney Imagineers discovered that placing speakers directly inside each Doom Buggy made guests feel even more uneasy, while the high back on each Doom Buggy creates a visual blockade so that you’ll never know what’s coming next until you’re there! (Photo Credit Disney)