“Did AMC Hire Chapek?” Pricing Changes Ahead for Disney Springs Theater

AMC Sightline Pricing

A visit to the popular Walt Disney World Resort theater, AMC DINE-IN Disney Springs 24, will soon offer a new ticket pricing strategy. The wealthier the movie-goer, the better the theater seat.

Remember when purchasing a theme park ticket to one of Walt Disney World Resort’s Parks was enough? Now, Guests have to make add-on budget decisions, including the Disney Genie+ line-skipping option, along with Individual Lightning Lane a la carte pricing. Simply put, the more money you have to shell out for a Disney vacation, the more enjoyable your Disney Park visit will be.

AMC Theater at Disney Springs
Credit: Disney

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Paying for tiered seats at theater experiences such as the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue dinner show at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Cirque du Soleil’s Drawn to Life is nothing new. The better the seats, the higher the price per person. Now, this ticket pricing strategy is expanding to all AMC theaters nationwide, including the theater at Disney Springs.

AMC has introduced “Sightline.” AMC reports, “AMC Sightline is a value-based program providing moviegoers with multiple options to meet their viewing preferences.” The nationwide program will slowly roll out to all theaters in the coming months.

AMC Dine In Theater at Disney Springs
Credit: Disney

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Instead of purchasing a ticket for one set price, AMC’s movie tickets will be sold in three tiers, including Value, Preferred, and Standard:

  • Value Sightline seats are typically located in the front row, and select wheelchair-accessible seats, indicated with a blue color on the seat map of all auditoriums.
  • Standard Sightline seats are the remaining seats that are not a Preferred Sightline seat or a Value Sightline seat.
  • Preferred Sightline seats include select seats in the middle of the auditorium that are preferred by some moviegoers.

AMC Sightline pricing will be implemented on showtimes after 4:00 pm and excludes Tuesdays due to the discounts generally offered on Tuesdays due to lower attendance.

Some moviegoers quickly point out, “If @AMCTheatres is trying to encourage me to never return to the theater again, this is one way to do that. I can’t replace the experience of a live concert by watching it at home, but I can easily replace the movie experience at home.”

Others comment, “Cinemas began as a luxury people went to as a show of status, then they became accessible to everyone. Like how Disney parks are making people pay for the rides again, going to the movies are becoming a luxury again, absolutely insane circle of time we live in.”

And somehow, The Walt Disney Company’s former CEO Bob Chapek is added to the discussion with, “Did AMC hire Chapek? This sounds like something he’d come up with, then tell you it offers more “choice & flexibility.”

While no, Chapek was NOT hired by AMC (that we are aware of), Chapek was seemingly always seeking a way to drive up the cost for Disney experiences, all while attempting to leave a feeling of value in the price hike for Disney fans. Unfortunately for Chapek, his method proved unsuccessful. Chapek was removed from his position as CEO in November 2022 and replaced by the returning CEO Bob Iger.

Bob Chapek
Bob Chapek (Credit: Disney)

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AMC has yet to reveal what the difference in pricing will look like for its new ticket strategy. Additionally, we have yet to receive a date on when this new policy will launch at AMC DINE-IN Disney Springs 24. As always, we will continue to keep Disney Dining readers updated as we learn more about these changes ahead.

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