Weirdest Things on shopDisney That We Want Anyway

Weirdest Items on shopDisney
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“I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty… but who cares, no big deal… I want MORE!” We can all relate to Ariel when she sings “Part of Your World” in The Little Mermaid (1989). As many times as we visit shopDisney, we find ourselves adding to our collection, just as Ariel did. But, have you ever come across merchandise on the site that just makes you go, “HUH?” Well, here are the weirdest things we’ve recently spotted on shopDisney that we still want anyway!

FastPass Mug

FastPass Mug
Credit: shopDisney

Hold up! Despite the complimentary FastPass system at Walt Disney World (which allowed Disney Park Guests to schedule a time to skip the standby line) never returning after COVID, and the now introduction of the up-charge service to the Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane attractions – shopDisney is still selling an for $14.99. Interestingly enough, one FastPass mug will cost you roughly the same as a single person’s cost to purchase the Disney Genie+ for one day at $15. We still want the mug however since FastPass is now nostalgic!

Genie T-Shirt

shopDisney Genie Shirt
Images Credit: Disney / shopDisney

Keeping in the same Disney Genie spirit, shopDisney is selling a for $29.99. Sadly, as Disney introduced the new Disney Genie in 2021, Genie immediately didn’t have the best reputation. Seeing a “You Ain’t Never Had A Friend Like Me” on this t-shirt with the exact same logo as when Disney Genie was first introduced is quite funny. While the complimentary Disney Genie addition to the My Disney Experience App tries to guide Guests along the Park like a friend, we’re pretty sure friends wouldn’t charge you for Disney Genie+ or Lightning Lanes which were previously complimentary services. Is it weird we want one anyway just to see if our Disney friends spot the matching logo to the t-shirt?

Plush Flamingo Pool Float

Disney nuiMOs
Credit: shopDisney

Chances are you’ve heard of the Disney nuiMOs plush craze. These cute little plush Disney characters have outfits and accessories to mix and match your nuiMOs with all sorts of Disney styles. Well, how about a fun pool float so your nuiMOs can enjoy the water in an inflatable pink flamingo? Currently, the Disney nuiMOs Pool Float Accessory is marked down from $12.99 to $8.98 on shopDisney. Weird but still cute, and would make a cute photo op.

Stitch Crashes Disney Plush

Stitch Crash The Jungle Book
Credit: shopDisney

Remember in 2021, the craze started over the Stitch Crashes Disney collection? The 12-month series introduces a new Stitch “crashing” with a Disney film. The series actually hasn’t ended but has really seemed to slow in popularity. Instead of flying off the shelves, the ninth series, Stitch Crashes The Jungle Book (1967) is surprisingly still available via shopDisney. You can snag for $29.99.

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Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Train Set

50th Anniversary Train
Credit: shopDisney

Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th Anniverary celebration is in full swing, but something is noticeably missing. As we have now reached the four-year construction mark of Magic Kingdom Park’s TRON Lightcycle Power Run coaster that was supposed to be open in time for the 50th, this also means that the Walt Disney Railroad is still unavailable as well, due to TRON construction. We find it rather odd that shopDisney currently has the available for $499.99. It’s ironic that we can purchase the 50th Anniversary Disney World Train, but can’t celebrate the 50th on the one in the Park. Regardless, the train is incredible and we would happily add it to our cart to remember this 50th-anniversary conundrum.

$14,000 Engagement Ring

shopDisney engagement ring
Credit: shopDisney

When visiting shopDisney, chances are you’re looking to spend a little of that hard-earned money, but how about $14,000 of it! Well, if you’re in the market for an engagement ring, Disney has the perfect option with its . While the ring is stunning (and who wouldn’t say “YES” to one look at this ring!), spending $14,000.00 on an Engagement Ring is something we feel we should do in person at a jewelry store, and not wait around in hopes it arrives safely in the mail from shopDisney.

Memory / Autograph Book

Disney Autograph Book
Credit: shopDisney

Another pre-COVID purchase remains on shopDisney. Currently, Disney has changed the name from Character “meet and greets” to Character “sightings”. No hugs, high-fives, or autographs are allowed as Disney characters remain at a safe distance due to the pandemic. Despite no autographs, the remains on shopDisney for $19.99 noted with, “Dare to dream along with the signatories of our magical Disney Princess memory book, which holds a treasury of autographs, photos, and mementos.” We’ll still snag one anyway so we can be prepared for if/when we can once again collect character autographs.

H2O+ Care Products

Credit: shopDisney

Remember these? Chances are if you were like us, after any Walt Disney World Resort stay you’d bring home a couple of bottles of the complimentary lotions, shampoos, conditioners, body wash, and soaps from your stay. We still have a few bottles under our bathroom sink for visiting Guests. Sadly, Disney pulled these care products out of its Resort rooms and replaced them with refillable bottles, meaning no bottles go home with Guests anymore. Now, shopDisney is selling them. You can get the for $22.99. Despite our irritation that they aren’t complimentary anymore, we will say the expanded H2O+ care products are still some of our favorites.

There you have our top oddballs that are currently available on shopDisney. Any interesting merch you’ve spotted that you would add to this list? Let us know on Facebook!

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