Disney World Guests Reportedly Harassing Fellow Guests, Leaving Mean Messages

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Walt Disney World Resort is officially known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” But even the Disney magic isn’t enough to keep guests from behaving poorly…

Bad Guest Behavior Is on the Rise In Walt Disney World

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It’s no secret that guests can and do behave poorly while visiting Walt Disney World.

Guests have been captured on camera screaming at each other and even going as far as starting physical altercations with other guests, which ruins the Disney experience for bystanders and almost always results in getting banned from the Walt Disney Parks.

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Even the lesser instances of rude guest behavior can damage the Disney experience.

Guests cutting in line, allowing children to misbehave, blatantly ignoring Cast Member directions, and blocking the view of Disney fireworks spectaculars with ear accessories or smart devices are just some of the biggest complaints, according to fellow Disney World visitors.

But this instance may be a new low for rude guest behavior…

This Situation Might Take the Cake For Most Inconsiderate Guest Behavior…

I was staying at Coronado Springs (Grand Destino) about week ago and someone left this on my door lol more info below
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One anonymous guest was visiting Walt Disney World, staying in the Coronado Springs Resort hotel, minding their business when they allegedly received a note stuck onto their hotel room door.

The note reads,



Please show SOME consideration to fellow guests – Constant banging around and dragging things across the floor is very selfish and inconsiderate to other guests. 

Plus 3 or 4 toilet flushes one after the other – I should change your diet!!!

In their social media post, the anonymous guests who received the note claimed that they had visited Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party that night and hadn’t returned to their hotel room until approximately 12:30 in the morning.  Not only that, they also stated that they didn’t get out of bed until 7 in the morning.

What Should You Do In This Situation?

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While we’ll never know for sure whether the anonymous Disney World visitors were making a lot of noise or not, we do know one thing: sound travels farther than you’d realize in a hotel building.

The over-abundance of floors and rooms on those floors is the perfect recipe for traveling noise, and it’s incredibly difficult to pinpoint precisely where it’s coming from. There’s a possibility that these guests made no noise, and the guests below them allegedly targeted them by mistake.

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That being said, even if these guests had been making a ton of noise, leaving an inconsiderate and anonymous note like this is never the right thing to do.

Just like when visiting the theme parks, it’s always best to alert a Cast Member when another guest is behaving poorly and let them take it from there. When visiting Walt Disney World Resort, it’s never a bad idea to keep in mind, “What Would Mickey Do?”

We want to hear from our readers! Have you ever encountered rude guests while visiting Walt Disney World? Tell Disney Dining about it in the comments below.

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