PSA to All Disney Guests: Fellow Guests Can’t Stand These Common Park Habits

Disneyland Resort’s tagline is “the Happiest Place on Earth,” while Walt Disney World’s is ”the Most Magical Place on Earth.”

It can’t be denied that both are true. But despite visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth during a Walt Disney World vacation, some things can ruin the magic for visitors.

According to a recent social media thread discussing Disney pet peeves and complaints, most of the magic-ruining incidences come from fellow Guests! Here are some of the most annoying Park habits that we’re all guilty of from time to time.

Exterior of Peter Pan's Flight

Credit: Disney

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User BonesFGC wrote, “Anyone who either recites a pre-show or talks loudly over it. There’s speakers for a reason, I can hear the intended audio just fine.”

This makes complete sense, as somebody talking over a pre-show or reciting it can be very distracting for the other Guests. Although reciting a pre-show and showing off your Disney knowledge is really fun, it’s impolite and poor etiquette! It’s similar to seeing a musical and singing along with the actors and actresses.

Family with Cell phone at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

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User EmmePink adds, “People on their phones – bright screens, FaceTime, and ‘whispered’ calls as well. Can’t handle it.

Using cell phones during attractions is a big no-no, but many Guests still see it all the time. Just like reciting the pre-shows, using a cell phone or making a phone call during an attraction is distracting and can ruin the magic for fellow Guests.

Disney Enchantment

Credit: Disney

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Other Guests have pointed out that using cell phones to take videos of or live stream the fireworks can ruin the experience. This one is a toughie because many of us are probably hearing that it’s distracting for the first time!

According to fellow Guests, a cell phone or a tablet raised above the head can easily block the beautiful view for the Guests behind.

Haunted Mansion

Credit: Disney

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But according to this thread, the biggest pet peeve shared by Guests is a habit many of us have experienced firsthand: Guests who recite the beloved Haunted Mansion monologue, which is definitely a hard habit to break! After all, nobody can resist it when the Ghost Host says, “Welcome, foolish mortals…”

During a Walt Disney World vacation, staying courteous and considerate towards other visitors is incredibly important. After all, sometimes you must be the magic you want to see in the world! And if you’re ever stuck on what to do, think, “What Would Mickey Do?

How do you feel about this list? What’s your biggest pet peeve regarding Guest behavior in Walt Disney World?

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