Brawl at Disney: Character Signals Danger as Guests Are Tackled to the Ground

Fight at Disneyland Paris
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It was not such a magical day at one Disney Park…

The majority of Guests entering Disney’s Park gates are going with the intention of having a magical, fun, and wholesome day in the Parks. Walt Disney intended his Parks to be appropriate for children of all ages, and this can be a wonderful thing when everyone does their part to keep the energy positive and friendly for kids in the theme park. In a world filled with so much gore and chaos, many people look to Disney magic as a refuge from the madness of it all.

Unfortunately, not every Guest gets the memo when it comes to courteous behavior. All year long, we have reported on brawls and fights happening worldwide at the Disney Parks.

Disneyland Paris Halloween

Credit: Disney

More Fighting Means Less Magic for Guests

To say that there has been an uptick in fights at Disney might be an unfair assessment, but there certainly have been more viral social media videos capturing these moments. Today’s Disney Park experience requires Guests to use their phones to make reservations, check Park maps, and look at closures. Because of this, cameras are always out and ready to capture the second that things go wrong.

One of the most common reasons for fights at Disney has to do with waiting in lines. There is probably no element that Guests enjoy less at the Parks, and when others try to cut in line or steal a spot, tensions rise, and fists can fly. In the case of this recent fight, one group was attempting to cut in front of other families who had waited for a prime spot at a parade. Some Guests wait for hours to secure a front-row spot, so this maneuver did not go over well with the other Guests.

Minnie Mouse Disneyland Paris Halloween

Credit: Disney

Parade Fight Shocks Guests and Cast Members

Over at Disneyland Paris, the Disney Halloween Festival is well underway. From October 1 to November 5, the Parks will be adopting the Halloween traditions and celebrating in their own unique way.

One of the highlights is the Mickey’s Halloween Celebration parade by Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Park. This parade features iconic Disney characters, dancers, and other float performers, all donned in festive garb. It was during this parade that the fight between Guests broke out.

A video capturing the fight has gone viral due to the absurdity of the situation. The TikTok video shows Clarabelle Cow subtly directing Cast Members’ attention towards the fight at hand. It is these subtle cues that make Disney such a professional atmosphere for Guests.


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From the looks of the video, at least two visitors may have sustained minor injuries, but it doesn’t seem that anything serious happened to these Guests. This kind of behavior is never tolerated by Cast Members, and it is likely that these Guests were removed by Disneyland Paris Resort following the incident.

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